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(Free PDF) Checklist For Opening Your New Etsy Shop

Last Updated:

January 24, 2023


Starting Etsy Shop
Table Of Content
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How To Use This Checklist

This checklist is written to give you a high level view of starting, growing and scaling an Etsy shop.

Before you download the Etsy shop checklist at the end of this guide, read through this and understand the whole process first. Then download the PDF, print it out and keep yourself on track.

I've also included relevant links to other free Etsy guides if you want to read more on the topic.

1. Market Research

2. Branding

3. The 4P's

4. Opening Etsy Shop

5. Etsy Listing Optimisations

6. Etsy Shop Management

7. Getting Traffic & Sales

PDF Checklist For Opening Your New Etsy Shop

Click here to download the new Etsy shop checklist PDF

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