53 Trending Etsy Shop Ideas For Beginners - What To Sell On Etsy In 2024

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December 18, 2023


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Making a living doing what you love is the dream. And Etsy is a great place to start selling your handmade products.

But what should I sell?

In this article, you will see 53 trending product inspirations on Etsy that are beginner-friendly to start.

If you love to get some inspirations to get into selling on Etsy, you will love this article.

53 Trending Etsy Shop Ideas

Self Care Products

Make your customers feel good with self care products like candles, skin care and floral tea. A curated box like this makes a great gift for customers themselves.

Organic Self Care Product Box

Specialised Journals

More people started journaling. Instead of a generic themed journal, try selling journals for specific niches like wellness, fitness, affirmation, etc.

Mind Notes Journal

DIY Project Kits

Instead of buying the finished products, people nowadays like learning how to craft and create themselves. Sell DIY craft kits for them with raw materials and instructions.

Embroidery Beginner Kit

Home Organisation

Because of the pandemic, we are staying home more than ever. Products which help you keep your living space tidy and organised have high demand. Tap into this niche by offering drawer organiser, kitchen labels and handmade shelvings like this:

Entryway Organiser

Natural Body Care Products

Self care will be a running trend in 2022. Allow your potential customer to pamper themselves with body care products like bath salt, massaging oil.

Botanical Bath Soak

Self Expression Products

Encourage customers to embrace who they are fully. It can be clothing, accessories, stickers, or pins like this:

LGBTQ Transgender Flag Pin

Cute Baby Gifts

Baby gifts and toys are always in demand. Make sure it's cute, colourful and kid friendly.

Nesting Doll For Kids

Personalised Jewelry

One of the ever-green categories on Etsy. Personalised jewelry is perfect for gifts. One thing to consider is to have the packaging gift ready which you can learn in this jewelry packaging guide.

Personalised Initial Necklace

Sustainable Fashion

Increasing number of Etsy customers care about the environment and the problems with fast fashion. Tackle both of these problems with handmade clothing using sustainable materials like bamboo and linen.

Red Bamboo Plaid Top

Personalised Digital Prints

One of the more beginner-friendly niches on Etsy if you are good with technology. Customise digital products like wall arts and prints like this couple name print is popular on Etsy. Check out more digital product ideas here.

Personalised Couple Name Print

Home Office Supplies

More and more people work from home in recent years. Allow them to make their work space more efficient and personal.

Phone Dock With Planter

Retro Home Decor

Retro is making a comeback, especially in the younger generation. Create home decor and homeware with a retro vibe.

Retro Eclectic Vases

Vegan Accessories

Veganism is gaining popularity because of ethical and environmental reasons. Tap into this market with vegan accessories with vegan materials like this wallet:

Vegan Leaf Wallet

Gifts For Pets

People love their pets and treat them like family. Offer them gifts for their pets like accessories and treats.

Wool Cat Bed

Nature Home Decor

Bringing nature indoors with nature themed home decor. It's not only limited to real plants, but also plant related decor like this for low maintenance.

Framed Plant Art

Anniversary Gifts

Create something special and personalised for couples. Jewelry and digital arts are the two most popular niches here.

Personalised Song Lyric Print

Art From Different Cultures

People appreciate authentic, genuine art from different cultures. Think about creating art pieces from your own culture.

African Wax Print Storage Baskets

Furniture Using Natural Materials

Similar to nature themed home decor, furniture using natural materials is also gaining traction. Materials like wood, rattan and bamboo are great for handmade furniture.

Cane Weave Planter

Craft Supplies

Similarly, people are looking for craft supplies like fabric and yarn. If you are close to a source of any of the craft supplies, it may be a good idea to brand them and sell them.

Rib Knit Fabric

Face Mask

Face mask is here to stay. The demand has been very high since the start of the pandemic. Try offering printed masks that are unique and can't be found in other marketplaces.

Cat Masks

Wedding Gifts

Make something personal so that people can buy for their friend's or family's wedding. One way is to learn how to use Photoshop actions to create a unique digital art like this one:

Custom Watercolour Couple Portrait

Baby Accessories

Parents love to dress up their children. Craft cute accessories targeted for babies to capture a share of this popular market.

Braided Baby Headband

Digital Prints

Digital wall art and prints is a popular niche on Etsy. Think about how you can niche down and create something with your own unique style.

Mid Century Wall Art

Printable Invitations

Buying printed invitations could be expensive. Make designs like this so that customers can edit and print themselves to save costs.

Wedding Invitation Template

Lightroom Presets

Lightroom is a popular photo editing app. Presets are a one-click solution with multiple adjustment so that customers can get the look they want quickly. The app is free to download and start using.

Moody Lightroom Preset


One of the most popular niches on Etsy. The market can be a bit saturated, but you can niche down to serve a specific sub-market better than the existing competition.

Rose Scented Candle

Social Media Templates

Almost everyone uses at least one social media platforms. Create designs that customers can quickly edit and use to enhance their social media presence.

Instagram Post Template

Baking Supplies

More time at home means more time to cook and bake. Baking supplies especially those that are personalised are gaining demand.

Engraved Rolling Pin

Gift Wrapping Supplies

Gift wrapping paper is a great way for customers to express themselves. Create designs that are hard to find elsewhere to stand out on Etsy.

Cute Sea Animal Wrapping Paper

Crystal Jewelry

An ever-green category on Etsy. Customers love crystals' natural beauty and fascinated by their metaphysical properties. Tap into it by searching for underserved sub-niche.

Crystal Necklaces

Personal Growth Printables

Allow and encourage customers to better themselves by creating growth worksheets, checklist and journals.

Strength Building Printable

Vintage Clothing

Vintage revival is real. Give your modern take on the niche and create clothing and accessories that appeals to Etsy customers.

Vintage Linen Dress

Wedding Accessories

Wedding is expensive, including the bride's and bridemaid's accessories. Many people come to Etsy to look for cheaper alternatives that don't compromise on style.

Floral Bridal Head Piece

Wall Art & Prints

In this relatively saturated niche, create personalised prints with your own unique take to capture customers.

Song Lyric Customised Print

Seasonal & Holiday Gifts

Seasonal and holiday gifts are a great way to further increase a shop's sales, but it's not recommended to build your entire shop on only those items as the demand is not stable.

Crochet Easter Animals

Print On Demand Products

Companies like Printful and Printify allow you to upload your own design, and they help you print it on products and ship directly to customers. It greatly reduce your cost for buying the equipment yourself, but the downside is that the profit margin is lower.

Customised T-shirt

Fitness Items

People keep themselves fit and healthy by working out, both at the gym or at home. Fitness items like gym clothes, yoga mat, and gym towels are good ways to enter the market.

Embroidered Gym Towel

Yoga Products

Yoga is a huge industry, and many Etsy users are into yoga. Other than yoga mat and yoga pants, a printable like this is also popular.

Yoga Poses Print

Bath Bombs

Made popular by brands like Lush, bath bombs or bath frizzers is a great product to create and sell if you create unique flavours or shapes.

Bath Bomb Gift Set

Motivational Prints

Staying motivated is a struggle for most people. Some of them look for a simple print that can both decorate the space and give them that little encouragement.

Motivational Print

Upcycled Accessories

Upcycled jewelry and accessories are not just homemade projects any more. If they are elevated like this one, it can be a great conversation starter for customers.

Dr Pepper Rose Necklace

Cruelty Free Makeup

Vegan and cruelty free makeup are more natural and better for the environment. Pinterest is a great resource for recipes of how to create them.

Vegan Liquid Foundation

Unique Coasters

Coasters don't have to be boring. Create them with unusual materials like this one to stand out:

Flower Ceramic Coasters

Natural Fibre Bags

Fabric like recycled cotton, hemp and linen are great for making tote bags.

Linen Tote Bag

Social Movement Products

Create impactful social movement items like posters and clothing. Make sure it's something that you believe in.

Social Movement Posters

Finance Tracker

Budgeting and tracking finances are difficult. Solve that problem by creating planners and worksheets that can help customers.

Finance Tracking Planner

Travel Gifts

Many people long to travel again. Satisfy their craving by creating travel related gifts like this one:

Travel Memories Wall Art


Dinnerware can allow people to express their personality on the dining table. Create something that can't be found in big retail shops like this rustic bowl and plate set.

Rustic Plates and Bowls

Homeschool Products

Some parents opt for homeschooling their kids. Design informative posters to help them with the process.

Home School Posters Printable


Suncatchers 'catch' sunlight and reflects it, creating colourful iridescent lights in the room. It's gaining popularity and crafting your own can be a good business idea.

Rainbow Suncatcher

Craft For Kids

Craft projects can keep kids busy at home while encourage their creativity. Something colourful and easy to follow would be best.

Rainbow Unicorn Craft Kit

Door Wreath

Unique wreath like this succulent one can really stand out on Etsy. Think of different materials, shapes and colours for a wreath design.

Succulent Wreath

Funny Jewelry

Funny jewelry items like this miniature cheese stick earrings is a great conversation starter for customers.

Cheese Stick Earrings

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