Last Update: July 20, 2024 - New Etsy listing photo templates (comparison table & 'featured in' photos)
The Complete System That Transforms Burned-Out Artists To Profitable Etsy Sellers, While Saving You 10+ Hours A Week
GYC Etsy Academy 2.0 is the complete, battle-tested solution that helps you build and grow your Etsy shop that you’ve always wanted, effortlessly.

Boost your productivity, increase your creative output, and grow your income.


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Meet your instructor: Growing Your Craft
Hey there!
Multiple top 1% & 6-figure Etsy shops | Combined sales over 21, 300+ | 11 years of real experience
Same as you, I started with 0 views, 0 sales and $0 in revenue. I didn't know anything about SEO, marketing, conversion rate, photography, social media and any other skills that are crucial to success on Etsy.

But over the years, here are a few things I've achieved on Etsy:
The Growing Your Craft Etsy shop hit about 5,000 sales in just one year, in an ultra-competitive digital product niche. What’s even better is that the traffic was mostly free search traffic with limited paid ads. That shop had a consistently high conversion rate and averaging over $2,000 monthly in semi-passive income.
A few years ago, I applied my selling system to a new Etsy shop. I created this shop over a weekend and it generated almost 1,000 sales:
What about physical products? I’ve sold in another competitive niche of jewelry previously that has taught me a lot about selling physical products internationally. It has generated over $330,000 in sales in just a few years.
These are just a few examples from my Etsy portfolio. This process has taken me years of experiments and testings in order to get to today. It was hard, and it was expensive.

Yes, you could figure it out alone as I did. But why not make your journey faster, cheaper, and easier?

I've condensed all my practical, actionable knowledge into a reliable system, alongside a library of resources to help you be more efficient in every step on your Etsy journey.

This framework has worked for me across multiple shops, and for over 1,000 students in Growing Your Craft.

I’ve made a living on Etsy, and I hope I can do the same too with GYC Etsy Academy 2.0.
How GYC Etsy Academy 2.0 Helps You Get More Sales & Save Time
My goal with the GYC Etsy Academy 2.0 is to provide you the complete system for launching, growing and scaling your profitable Etsy shop while saving you precious time.

Inside you'll find the biggest library of resources created specifically for supercharging your creative productivity - including done-for-you templates, time-saving swipe files and PLR digital products that you can resell straight away.

Other than that, you’ll gain instant access to 18 full-length courses with up-to-date advanced strategies, a 30-day challenge to motivate you to grow consistently, and a 6-figure roadmap leading to your Etsy success.

This is the complete, battle-tested solution that helps you build and grow your Etsy business that you’ve always wanted, effortlessly.
GYC Etsy Academy 2.0 Recent Updates
  • Jul 20 - New Etsy listing photo templates (comparison table & 'featured in' photos)
  • Jul 09 - New course - Psychological Principles For Etsy Sellers - From Strategy To Application
  • Jun 25 - 5 new logo designs
  • Jun 18 - 9 new trending Etsy products + winning strategies
  • Jun 18 - Updated course "Quickest Way To Open An Etsy Shop"
  • Jun 12 - 5 new shop banner templates + 5 done-for-you examples
  • Jun 05 - 5 new PLR Canva templates including shopping list and life goal planner
Cutting-Edge Strategies From Library Of Etsy Courses
Gain insider knowledge that can immediately improve your shop’s visibility and conversion rates, leading to faster and more substantial revenue growth.

GYC's updated library of written courses cover everything from SEO to marketing strategies, shaving years off your learning curve. You can expect actionable and practical strategies that you can use straight away.
Full length courses
Chapters of actionable strategies
Grow Your Shop Reliably With GYC Library Of Courses
The Etsy Listing Sales Machine
Boost your Etsy listing conversion rate & sales
Copy my way of creating high-converting listing description
Get insights to how customers make purchase decisions
Find out how to appeal to customers emotionally so they click the buy button
How to create listing photos that get clicks & convert shoppers to customers
The Definitive Etsy SEO Course
Rank higher & get more traffic to your shop
Keep up-to-date with the latest best practice of Etsy SEO
My go-to method of finding long-tail keywords that your customers use
Choose the best keywords & use them to optimise your listings
Etsy SEO 101 - Know how Etsy search algorithm works
The Etsy Niche Discovery System
Discover your most profitable niche on Etsy
Systematic way to uncover hidden opportunities on Etsy
Identify profitable niches with high demand & low competition
Find your target customers & know exactly what they’re looking for
Apply market research to boost your sales and conversion rate
Psychological Principles For Etsy Sellers - From Strategy To Application
Leverage the power of psychology to increase sales
Understand powerful psychological principles that are based on human behaviour and science
Learn psychological principles with strategies of how to apply them to your Etsy shop
Create compelling product listings to enhance customer perception and increase conversion rate
Implement effective pricing strategies and sales techniques to boost order value and performance
The Etsy Passive Income Playbook
Build a profitable Etsy digital product shop
Quickly make sellable designs with my Canva template library
Find winning digital product niche and products
Step-by-step tutorial of designing in Canva and Corjl
Create clickable mockup photos using my go-to tool
Instagram Marketing Playbook For Etsy Sellers
The most comprehensive Instagram course for Etsy sellers in the market
Grow your Instagram to bring in organic external traffic to your Etsy shop
Learn how the new algorithm works and what it means for Etsy sellers
Create content with the 5C Content Creation System
Up-to-date, practical strategies for the ever-changing platform
The Etsy Product Course - Crafting & Refining Irresistible Products
Design irresistible Etsy products with unique selling points
Develop a strong USP and stand out amidst growing Etsy competition
Refresh and adapt products to keep them appealing and relevant
Avoid common mistakes in crafting handmade items that many sellers make
Create a strong foundation with a product that thrive even when market trends shift
Etsy Holiday Promotion Guide
Take control the marketing of this holiday season
Use customer psychology to boost sales during holidays
Learn how to craft an irresistible promotion offer
Copy my Canva marketing template library
Steal my BFCM email marketing sequence
Customer Service Handbook For Etsy Sellers
Build trust, close sales and have customers come back
Copy my customer service messages in the Customer Service Swipe File
11 customer service best practices to boost customer satisfaction
My template that increases the review rate for your Etsy products
How to handle unhappy customers and avoid them in the future
Product Packaging For Etsy Sellers
Leverage the 4 packaging layers to impress customers
How to package your products, no matter what your budget is
The 4 layers of packaging that delights customers
My list of product packaging resources
Best handmade packaging showcase and inspirations
Supercharge Your Etsy Shop With ChatGPT
Save time and maximise productivity with AI assistant
Get the smartest AI assistant for your Etsy shop for free
Copy & paste my 50+ prompts to save your time
Maximise your productivity for boring tasks like summarising a long Youtube video
Learn how to craft the perfect prompt so that ChatGPT can do exactly what you want
Midjourney Magic - The AI-Driven Guide To Etsy POD Mastery
Create your print-on-demand with the help of AI
Master all the basic and advanced controls of Midjourney without feeling overwhelmed
Discover a practical approach of creating high quality, sellable designs using Midjourney
Navigate the complexity of setting up & growing a POD Etsy shop
Gain access to library of 97 reference styles and artists, giving you countless possibilities to generate sellable designs
A Step-By-Step Guide To Profitable Etsy Ads
Systematic, 7-step approach to testing Etsy ads
My system of how to make Etsy ads work
Etsy ads best practice to boost your chance of success
How to choose which products to run ads on so that you don't waste money
Understand how to extract insights from Etsy ads dashboard
Quickest Way To Open An Etsy Shop
No fluff, actionable guide to quickly open a shop
How to successfully launch your Etsy shop in days, not months
Get you started quickly so you can start selling
The simple product photography method with steps of editing the shots
My effective product description template so you know what to write
How To Brand Your Etsy Shop
Stand out with a strong handmade brand
Craft your unique brand positioning to connect with your target customers
Know the two important branding principles to create a strong brand
How to choose your brand colour, font, and other tangible assets
How a strong handmade brand can help you stand out on Etsy
How Growing Your Craft Generated 5000 Sales In A Year
Inside look of how I grew GYC Etsy shop
Learn what I did to achieve rapid growth on Etsy
List of tools to create sellable designs and clickable mockup photos
My process of brainstorming and choosing a winning niche
The pricing tactic that I used for early growth
Email Marketing For Etsy Sellers
Set up an automatic marketing machine
Create an email automation system to turn shoppers into customers, and customers into loyal fans
Maximise your Black Friday Cyber Monday profit with the perfect email sequence
Learn how to write emails that people actually click and read
Know how to attract shoppers and customers to sign up to your email list
The Complete Guide To Pricing Your Etsy Handmade Products
Get your pricing right to maximise sales and profit
How to avoid price competition and boost your profitability
10 ways to charge more for your craft without scaring away customers
Dangers of pricing your craft too low
Case studies & examples of successful handmade pricing
Save Hours With The Biggest Library Of Templates, Swipe Files & Designs
By using our plug-and-play templates, you save over 10 hours a week. That’s 40 hours a month or 520 hours a year you can reinvest into your business or personal life. If your time is worth $20/hour, your GYC Etsy Academy 2.0 investment will pay for itself in just half a week's time.

Everything in this library aims to make your Etsy seller life easier, so that you can use less time to achieve more.
Hours/week saved
Templates & Designs
Save Time With The Biggest Library Of Resources Made For Etsy Sellers
Listing Photo Templates
250 templates (50 designs with 5 variations) to optimise your listing photos to boost conversion rate and generate more sales.
Shop Banner Templates
20 templates + 20 done-for-you examples to upgrade your Etsy storefront and give the best first impression.
Logo Designs
35 modern logo designs suitable for a wide range of Etsy shops. Simply copy and edit your shop name for a professional logo.
Branding Guidelines
30 grab-and-use branding designs for beautiful brand colour palette and font pairings that you can use in your shop, social media and packaging.
Product Description Formulas
Follow these product description formulas to effortlessly write sales script that are compelling and high converting. Covers physical products, digital products, craft supplies, vintage products and more.
USP Inspiration Library
Enhance your product offerings with this library of 26 common handmade products like digital templates, jewelry and candles, and their unique selling preposition as inspiration and valuable insights.
Customer Message Swipe File
Handle tricky customer situations with ease and professionalism. Whether it's a refund request or a negative review, simply use these message templates to resolve issues effortlessly, while maintaining your shop's reputation.
Order Receipt Banners
Extend your branding even after you've made the sale with 10 easy-to-edit designs for a professional order receipt email.
Holiday Promotion Posts
27 designs ready for social media that you can easily edit and replace your product photos to promote your holiday sales.
Instagram Post Templates
90 templates (30 designs with 3 variations) covering posts like announcement, FAQs, engagement starters and more. Create eye-catching content in minutes.
Instagram Story Highlights
3 set of 12 story highlight icons for consistent branding even for your Instagram page.
Pinterest Pin Templates
30 engaging and informative pin designs that boost your reach and traffic from Pinterest to Etsy Shop.
Pinterest Banner Designs
10 easily editable banner templates to get more followers for your Pinterest profile.
Sellers save about 10+ hours/week on average using GYC Resources Library
Follow The 6-Figure Etsy Success Roadmap To Transform Your Hobby Into A Profitable Etsy Business
The exact steps to transform your passion project into a profitable Etsy business. You'll get a clear, actionable blueprint that sets you on the path to long-term, sustainable growth.
Module 1: Research
Module 2: Development
Module 3: Optimisation
Module 4: Management
Module 5: Traffic
Module 6: Grow
Module 7: Scale
Supercharge Your Growth With The 30-Day Etsy Growth Challenge
From stuck to unstoppable, supercharge your Etsy growth with this 30-day challenge. Each day you'll be guided through a list of high-impact tasks that set you up for sustainable growth.

You can choose to start whenever you are ready within your membership period.
Phase 1: Target Customer, Niche & Your Unique USP
Phase 2: Listing & Shop Optimisations
Phase 3: New Product Development
Phase 4: Traffic & Marketing Strategies
Join GYC Etsy Academy 2.0
Have you not getting views and traffic? Did your sales drop? Are you feeling burned out?

GYC Etsy Academy 2.0 helps you solve these common seller problems

Life is busy and you don't have enough time to do everything
GYC Etsy Academy 2.0 helps you reclaim precious time for your Etsy business. Gain access to the biggest library of templates, swipe files and editable designs to help you streamline your Etsy tasks. On average, students save 10+ hours every week.

Think done-for-you templates for listing photos, formulas for writing product descriptions, swipe files for customer messages, and even PLR digital products that you can copy and sell. All the resources aim to help you save time and unlock a new level of productivity.
Unreasonable customers who demands refund and threaten with negative reviews
Copy from the Customer Message Swipe File to quickly deal with those customers professionally to de-escalate the situation. So that you can avoid getting emotionally affected by them and move on to important aspects of running your Etsy shop.
Sales have dropped due to resellers & mass-produced products
You'll get in-depth courses on branding, marketing, and niche selection that go beyond the basics. You'll learn strategies to differentiate your products, highlight your unique craftsmanship, and attract customers who specifically value handmade items.  For example, in the "Etsy Product Course", you'll learn 15 actionable tactics of setting your products apart, so that you can truly stand out from them and appeal to the right customers on Etsy.
Your shop is not getting enough views and traffic
GYC Etsy Academy 2.0 helps you get your shop seen. You'll learn how to create an irresistible product offer and market it to your target customers. Follow the cutting-edge strategies in the course library for optimising your listings with SEO, maximising product visibility, and mastering Etsy marketing. You'll have all the strategies to build a strong foundation and boost your profit on Etsy.
You're worried that the economy is bad and nothing works
From the book Recession-Proof Your Etsy Shop, you’ll learn how to implement product positioning ideas, understand what customers want and diversify into recession-proof niches, so that you can grow even when the economy is bad.
Your profit drops because Etsy fees keep increasing
Other than learning how to price your handmade product correctly in The Complete Guide To Pricing course, you’ll also discover 10 tactics to charge more for your products without scaring away customers. So you can enjoy a healthy profit margin despite increasing Etsy fees.
I'm worried Etsy suspends my listings and my shop unfairly
If your shop or listings get unfairly suspended due to Etsy's automated system, simply copy the email message from the Message Swipe File to reach out to Etsy support, increasing the chance of getting the suspension lifted.
Why GYC Etsy Academy 2.0 Is So Much More Affordable Than Other Courses?

“I got scammed into paying almost $5,000 for this Etsy course. Poor quality course, bare minimum information and outdated/wrong strategies. It’s sad to realise I’ve made a huge mistake.”

This is just one of the many unfortunate Etsy sellers who have wasted their money in expensive Etsy courses that just don’t work, as she said, “a huge mistake”.

I don’t want that to happen to you, or any other Etsy sellers.

So why is GYC Etsy Academy 2.0 so much more affordable than others?

  • I understand that the economy is bad and money is tight for many Etsy sellers
  • I want to empower Etsy sellers and handmade artists with all the strategies and resources they need to succeed
  • I don’t want to put hundreds and thousands of dollars between you and a successful Etsy business

My goal is to make GYC Etsy Academy 2.0 not just better, but fundamentally different than what you typically find in the market. I want to make a difference in your life, and help you turn your passion into a thriving Etsy business.

Join 1,050+ Students & Fast Track Your Etsy Growth
You’re in good company. Here are some of my students’ Etsy shops with what they said about GYC Etsy Academy. I’ve decided to hide their shop names because of unnecessary visits hurting their conversion rate, which is the last thing I want for my students.
Michelle joined in 2022 when she first started and now she is up to over 3,100 sales selling digital printables. She loves how many topics GYC Etsy Academy covers including how to make your listings more clickable and leverage email marketing.
Andy said without a doubt (GYC Etsy Academy is) "the best value, most useful one I’ve taken. The tips are straightforward and to the point." His jewelry shop has over 8,500 sales. With an average of around $30 per piece, his shop has made over $250k. And he also mentioned that his conversion rate went up after joining:
Kartika, who sells creative art prints, saw huge growth since joining and implementing some actionable changes. Very happy to see that she has over 3,600 sales now.
Sree loves the 6-figure Etsy roadmap and says it's her go-to resource. She also appreciates the amount of new content that's constantly added.
This student took advantage of one of the trending products and opened a shop quickly to capture early sales. And has grown to almost 1,000 sales for a quick "2-day" project.
Eunice is happy to have come across GYC Etsy Academy and appreciates how affordable it is.
More GYC Students Getting Amazing Results
Ready To Transform Your Etsy Shop & Get More Sales?
GYC Etsy Academy 2.0 is the only learning platform that combines the biggest library of Etsy seller resources, 18 comprehensive courses, actionable 6-Figure Etsy Success Roadmap and other resources to launch, grow and scale your Etsy shop while saving you precious time.



For 12-month unlimited, instant access. No hidden costs.
Join & Get Instant Access To Everything
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A recap of everything you'll get:
Access to 18 Comprehensive Etsy courses
Etsy Listing Sales Machine
The Definitive Etsy SEO Course
Etsy Niche Discovery System
Psychological Principles For Etsy Sellers
Etsy Passive Income Playbook
Instagram Marketing Playbook
Etsy Holiday Promotion Guide
The Etsy Product Course
How To Brand Your Etsy Shop
Customer Service Handbook
Product Packaging For Etsy Sellers
Supercharge Your Etsy Shop With ChatGPT
Midjourney Magic
Profitable Etsy Ads
Quickest Way To Open An Etsy Shop
The Complete Guide To Pricing Your Etsy Handmade Products
How GYC Generated 5000 Sales In A Year
Email Marketing For Etsy Sellers
GYC Resources Library
Etsy Listing Photo Templates
Shop Banner Design
Logo Designs
Branding Guidelines
Order Receipt Banners
Customer Message Swipe File
Product Description Formulas
USP Inspiration Library
Holiday Promotion Posts
Instagram Post Templates
Instagram Story Highlights
Pinterest Post Templates
Pinterest Banners
6-Figure Etsy Success Roadmap
30-Day Growth Challenge
List Of Recommended Tools
9 Time-Saving Bonuses
2024 Trending Product Report
PLR Canva Template Library
158 Profitable Digital Product Ideas
Guide To Branching Beyond Etsy
Recession-Proof Your Etsy Shop
Student Question Bank
Digital Product Idea Generator
Step-by-step tutorials
BFCM marketing checklist
Sneak Peek Inside GYC Etsy Academy 2.0
To Help You Get More Sales, Here Are 9 Free Bonuses
Get these bonuses that are exclusive to GYC Etsy Academy students for no additional costs. All these bonuses are created to help you speed up your creative process and grow your Etsy shop.
2024 Trending Product Ideas
Selling a growing product is much easier. This is not your average trending product report of generic niches. These niches are specific that give you the best chance to succeed if you decide to jump in. You'll also get strategies and niche product ideas.
PLR Canva Template Library
Get access to our library of white-label Canva templates, including 46 popular products like habit tracker, invitation, product labels and more. You'll be able to make sellable designs in an afternoon.
158 Profitable Digital Product Ideas
Your handbook for profitable digital designs on Etsy. Completed with bestselling Etsy listings for inspirations.
Guide To Branching Beyond Etsy
For those who don't want to put all the eggs in one basket, this handy guide is for you. From choosing the best platform to setting up your new website, this book gives you a clear pathway.
Recession-Proof Your Etsy Shop
Understand customer behaviour changes and learn the position tactics to recession proof your shop. This guide is for the Etsy sellers who don’t want to wait around and say, “the economy will get better soon”.
Student Question Bank
Browse previous student questions & answers categorised by Etsy topic in the Etsy Seller Question Bank.
Digital Product Idea Generator
Easy and fun-to-use generator for you to discover your next big idea. It generates up to 671,160 unique product so you'll never run out of ideas.
Step-By-Step Tutorials
As an Etsy seller, there are so many small problems you face: Keyword research, creating logos, setting up sales, etc.Follow these simple tutorials so you don't have to stress over small tasks, and can have more time to be creative.
BFCM Marketing Checklist
An actionable checklist for you to keep you on track for the biggest sales event of the year.
Your Questions, Answered

I'm a new to Etsy. Will this still be useful for me?

Yes! Many of our students didn't have experience on Etsy when they first joined. The Etsy success roadmap will be perfect for you to build a strong Etsy business step-by-step. It covers all the topics you need to know including SEO, marketing, branding, pricing, and many more.

Also, you'll get access to GYC Resources Library which helps you kickstart your Etsy shop with listing photo templates, logo designs, shop banners and more. Saving you hours in creating assets from scratch.

I have already made some sales. Will the information be too basic?

Not at all. The strategies you'll find in GYC Etsy Academy will be more advanced and specific than the Etsy Seller Handbook or other online content.

GYC Etsy Academy 2.0 is aimed at makers of all abilities. If you've already made some sales, it gives you a good foundation to optimise, grow and scale your Etsy shop. And I can help you do that through the unique, comprehensive suite of resources including editable templates, Etsy success roadmap, comprehensive courses and more.

My Etsy shop is unique. How can I make sure GYC Etsy Academy 2.0 can help?

I recognise that your Etsy shop is special. The Academy emphasises the core elements of successful online selling, regardless of your niche.

Whether you specialise in handmade items, digital products or other niches, the Academy will equip you with strategies to improve your marketing, increase shop visibility, and build strong customer relationships. That's why over 1,050+ Etsy sellers have loved the Academy.

Couldn’t I just do this myself with all the free content online?

Well, you definitely could. And I think you should try and see if it works for you.

But the chances are, you’ve tried that before. And you have wasted hours, days, weeks going through endless free videos on Youtube.

With GYC Etsy Academy 2.0, you don’t have to sort through all the information on your own. Everything you need to grow a successful Etsy shop is in one place. So you can focus on growing instead of searching for that one good piece of advice.

Were the courses written a long time ago, and are they up-to-date?

Etsy changes all the time. And so does GYC Etsy Academy 2.0.

All courses and resources are constantly updated to make sure you have the best information available to get ahead of the competition. You will get notified when materials are updated.

Can I work through the academy at my own pace? Is there a time limit?

Absolutely! GYC Etsy Academy 2.0 is designed with flexibility in mind. Our courses and roadmaps are text-based, so you can access them whenever and wherever it's convenient for you.

You'll have full access to everything, including all updates, throughout your entire 12-month membership period.

The templates sound great! How much time will they realistically save me each week?

I understand that feeling of creative block!  That's exactly why these templates were created. They cover a wide range of Etsy shop needs, from listing photos and shop banners to social media graphics.  You'll no longer have to stare at a blank screen wondering where to start.  

On average, students can save 10+ hours a week compared to designing everything from scratch. That's more time for yourself and to focus on what's important to you.

What’s the time commitment for GYC Etsy Academy?

GYC Etsy Academy is self-paced and fits right into your life, whether it’s busy or you have more time to grow your shop. I recommend spending at least an hour everyday to implement the strategies.

Do you provide direct feedback & support?

Yes, direct feedback is available for upgrade inside the academy for $39/month or $390/year. I'll provide tailored, actionable feedback for your Etsy shop to help you gain clarity and work towards your goals. The support will be done via email with a turnover time of 1-4 days.

How long will I have access and do you offer refunds?

You will have 12 months of unlimited access to all materials in GYC Etsy Academy 2.0 from the day you join. All updates within the year are included. You can learn at your own pace and take as little or as much time as you need.

Due to the nature of digital products, unfortunately refunds will not be provided. Please read through this sales page carefully to get an idea of the content you'll receive in GYC Etsy Academy, and feel free to reach out to me if you have any additional questions at growingyourcraft [at] gmail [dot] com

My goal with GYC Etsy Academy 2.0 is to give you the most up-to-date, cutting-edge strategies to grow your Etsy shop, as well as a library of templates, swipe files and resources to save you 10+ hours a week.

I've helped over 1,000 students over the years with results like "conversion rate jumped from 1% to 3%" and "100 sales within 1 month". I believe you can see similar results as well.

I hope to see you inside!

Growing Your Craft