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Etsy Shop Announcement - 7 Ideas To Include + Best Examples

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November 3, 2022


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Having a great Etsy shop announcement can improve shopper’s first impression and help you convince them to buy from you.

If you are staring at the blank space not sure what to write, then you will love this guide. We’ll look at how to write an effective shop announcement with real examples.

What Is Etsy Shop Announcement

Your Etsy shop announcement is a short introduction to your shop or an announcement that appears below your shop banner and above the shop listings (but Etsy has tested different placement of shop announcement like below the listings).

Only the first few sentences of shop announcement is visible. If shoppers want to read the whole announcement, they would need to click the ‘read more’ button.

In some ways, your Etsy shop announcement can be quite similar to the about section, with the former focuses more on the business and shop operation, and latter more about sharing your brand story.

Why Does Shop Announcement Matter

Unlike selling in person, you can’t talk directly to the customers. Your Etsy shop announcement is a short greeting to them to make them feel welcomed and let them know what’s important from your shop.

Although it’s not the most important aspect of your shop, you should still pay some attention in writing a good shop announcement. I’d recommend spending 10-20 minutes after reading this guide to write your shop announcement.

When you are writing it, focus on the first few sentences because that’s what most customers will see. Very few will click the ‘read more’ button.

How To Add Or Update Etsy Shop Announcement

01. First, click this pen icon in your Etsy shop dashboard:

02. Then you will be taken to the shop editing mode. Scroll down to the Announcement section and click 'Edit":

03. Once you have finished adding or editing your shop announcement, click 'Save' then 'View Shop':

04. And now your new shop announcement is live and visible to shoppers:

How To Add Or Edit Shop Announcement On The Etsy App

You are able to change your shop announcement on the Sell On Etsy app. Here's how:

  1. Click the 'More' tab at the bottom
  2. In 'Settings', click 'Shop settings'
  3. Click the 'Shop announcement' section
  4. Add or change your shop announcement
  5. Once you've finished, click 'Save' and your announcement is live on your shop!

Best Etsy Shop Announcement Examples

This section gives you some inspirations of what to include in your shop announcement. I’d recommend focusing on only 1-2 ideas. Don’t include all of these in your announcement as that would make it too long and hard to read.

Short and simple announcement is the most effective.

Let’s have a look at 7 ways to write your Etsy shop announcement:

Greeting & Welcome

Including a short greeting message can make shoppers feel valued and welcomed. One idea is to thank shoppers for supporting small handmade business like yours.

KindredFires welcomes shoppers in their shop announcement

FavoriteStory greets shoppers as well as encourage them to sign up to their email list

HandsandFire puts a welcome message and a short introduction to their shop here

Achievements & Features

Another idea is to include important achievements of your shop or your products. If you get featured in a magazine, blog or even Etsy’s editor pick, mentioning that is a great way to build trust for your brand.

Be careful not to brag about your achievements. Instead, try to write it in a way that show your appreciation.

Time Sensitive Information

Shop announcement is also a great place to let customers know important time-sensitive information. Some examples include:

Make sure to edit the shop announcement when that piece of information is no longer relevant or valid.

cormaidesign states their shipping deadline in the shop announcement

CaitlynMinimalist announces their flash sale here

Keyaiira also uses the announcement space for their holiday shipping deadlines

Shop Introduction & Brand Statement

Some shops choose to use it to help customers understand what their brands stand for. You can include a few short sentences of what your brand is about and how your products can benefit customers. This shouldn’t be the same as your shop tagline, which already appears underneath your shop name.

CascadeIronCo puts a short introduction to their brand and products

BusyPuzzle gives a short brand statement and the benefits of their products in the shop announcement

Recent Etsy Shop Changes

If there’s a major change in your shop that may affect or even confuse your customers, it’d make sense to use shop announcement to explain and clarify. Examples include changing shop name, using different materials, etc. Try to keep it positive and emphasise on the benefits for customers.

laureldenise announces the major change to their shop to avoid confusion with customers

Shop Coupon Codes & Discount

Some shops choose to include their coupon code in their shop announcement. Although you can include a simple coupon code for new shoppers, it’s common for craft supplies shops to include multiple coupon code when they run a tiered discount. Tiered discount is when the discount amount or percentage increases when customer buy more.

AZsupplies includes multiple discount codes in their shop announcement

GemBeadsShop also uses this space to announce their tiered discount

Social Media & Website Link

You can also put social media or website link in your shop announcement, but I would recommend putting them at the end. Putting them at the front will distract shoppers. You don’t want them click away from your Etsy shop and not buy from you.

PlumAndPeachStore puts the social media links at the end of the announcement if shoppers want to know more about the brand

Recap: 7 Ways To Write Etsy Shop Announcement

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