8 Best Etsy Listing Photo Tips (+55 Best Product Photography Found On Etsy)

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July 11, 2023


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Listing photos can make or break your Etsy shop.

In a crowded marketplace like Etsy, the quality of your listing photos can be the difference between shoppers clicking on your listing or scrolling right past it.

So how can you make sure your product photos stand out on the Etsy search page?

To improve your Etsy product photography, first you need a clean background, a well-lit environment and a photo editing program. The next things to work on will be lifestyle, packaging, behind the scene shots, etc that give your products more personality. These will create professional photos that customers love.

Before we jump into the 8 product photography tips, let's quickly go through some basics of Etsy listing photos:

Recommended Size Of Your Etsy Listing Photos

You are recommended to upload listing photos that are 2000 pixels on the shortest side. That means, if your photo is landscape (horizontal side longer), then the height should be at least 2000 pixels. And if your photo is portrait (vertical side longer), then the width should be at least 2000 pixels.

Recommended Aspect Ratio Of Your Listing Photos

As you have probably seen on Etsy, usually the listings in the search results are shown in a landscape, horizontal orientation.

Your photos should be in a 4:3 ratio, which means the photos should be wider than it’s tall. Keeping the recommended size in mind, the minimum size for your listing photos should be 2667 pixels wide x 2000 pixels tall.

Should You Watermark Your Listing Photos?

Although content theft is a legitimate concern, Etsy doesn’t recommend putting watermarks on your listing photos. Photos with watermarks are not eligible for promotion like offsite ads and Etsy Finds emails.

But there are exceptions. For example, if you sell digital art on Etsy and want to avoid other people stealing your artwork, then putting watermarks would be a smart idea. Make sure that the watermarks are subtle and not distracting.

8 Tips To Improve Your Etsy Listing Photos

After knowing these basics of Etsy listing photos, let's look at 8 tips to up your photography game. I've also gathered 55 examples of great product photography from successful Etsy shops.

Use Well Lit, Clean Background To Make Products Stand Out

One of the most important things for your Etsy product to stand out is to have it on a clear background that is free of distractions. The most popular choice is a white or light coloured background. It gives a clean feeling to your product. Other backgrounds can work as well. A wooden background is more warm and a dark background can look expensive if done right.

Lighting is also important. You want strong, diffused light, like sunlight through a thin curtain. You don’t want strong direct sunlight as it will leave a harsh shadow. 

From KassReichArtPrints

From Maksym

From ForCardsSake

From UnearthedGemstones

From DragonFlyPaperyCo

From Susabellas

From ModBathandBody

Showcase Different Variations

If you have different versions of the same product, like different flavour, color, size, etc, putting them in one photo can show your customers the options they have. A photo like this can convey extra information to shoppers who may not know the options exist otherwise.

From PinkUnicornStudio

From AlisaYao

From MignonandMignon

From ManhattanNeons

From Magicpersonalized

From ReStationery

From ScentualGoddess

From GemmeJewelryShop

Let Customers Visualise Better With Lifestyle Photos

This is the photo that shows how the product looks and feels when it’s being used. Customers looking at this photo can envision how they can use the product in their own lives. Coupled with writing a strong product description, this is a powerful way to grab the attention of shoppers and convert them into customers.

From JolisCossins

From Urbansize

From TreeFortToys

From LEILAjewelryshop

From MegaGearCustom

From Robinssassystitches

From NCYPGarden

From BlackFicus

From HookAndStemCo

From OWLpaperlamps

Use Scale Shot To Show Product Size

Some products may be smaller or bigger than expected. And you don’t want to surprise your customer by a product that is way smaller than what they have in their mind.

To avoid confusion or disappointment, try putting a common object like a coin or a ruler with your product for comparison. It’s way easier this way for customers to have a clear idea of the size of your product.

From StructureMinerals

From Waen

From Na0sGlass

From ThrowinStones

From MadebyLucyBarfoot

From CeramicSense

Use Closeup Shot To Show Important Product Details

Show off your craftsmanship with a closeup photo. Focus on the impressive details that would have been missed on a wide shot.

Those details are likely to be the points that set yourself apart from your competition.

From VillaSorgenfrei

From Waterplantlady

From VermeilSupplies

From ACraftyConcept

From ZlatoustGifts

From GlassArtStories

Include Information Photo To Show Sizing, Fit Or Variations

On Etsy, it can be hard to convey all the customisations you offer with just words. It can be different finishing, material, color, size, and so on. A well presented information photo is much more effective than a wall of words. Show the options on the photo with a few words explaining the customisations you offer. This makes the ordering process easier and improves the conversion rate of your listings.

From Curiographer

From pomtree

From WordsByHeartCo

From JoyfulMoose

From motion52

From DIYwithwoolfelt

Showcase Your Gift-Ready Packaging

If your craft is ready to be gifted, show it off. Take some nice photos of the packaging and let customers know that they can just buy it as a gift for any special occasion.

This is especially important when your product is fragile. Showing your protective packaging can reassure customers that their orders will arrive safely.

From GLDNxLayeredAndLong

From RockyLeatherDesign

From CaitlynMinimalist

From WellWrittenGifts

From MidnightOwlCandleCo


Go Behind-The-Scene To Show Your Product's Handmade Quality

Etsy is a handmade market. People expect the product to be handcrafted. A behind-the-scenes shot can set yourself apart from the big retailers. It reminds shoppers that your product is handmade and handcrafted.

It also increases the perceived value of your products, which makes shoppers more likely to place an order.

From BrookDrabotGlass

From Beardbangs

From cozyblue

From HazelCandleCo

From scandinazn

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