2024 Etsy Listing Photo Size Guide - Optimal Size & Aspect Ratios

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May 23, 2024


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You don’t want important details of your Etsy listing photos to be cropped off like this:

This is a common problem some Etsy sellers face after Etsy updated the crop for the thumbnail photos on Etsy search.

And because of this new Etsy change, many guides and information online are outdated.

That’s why in this practical guide, I’ll show you the latest ratios and dimensions for Etsy listing photos, as well as my recommendations to optimise your listing product photos.

Let’s get started.

Understanding the Basics: Photo Size, Dimensions, and Ratios

The size and ratio of your listing photos are crucial. Because of Etsy’s constant experiments with listing photos and the aspect ratios, sometimes important details of your products can get cropped off.

Etsy recommends that your photos be at least 2000 pixels on the shortest side. On desktop, Etsy has changed to a square (1:1) ratio for thumbnails (here’s the announcement for your reference), as they said that “We've learned that buyers are more likely to make a purchase when a shop displays square photos.”

Listing photos are in a square 1:1 ratio on the desktop version of Etsy search page

To complicate things, the Etsy app uses an aspect ratio that’s close to 4:5 landscape. Even just on the homepage of Etsy, there are multiple different aspect ratios being used:

The listing photos in Etsy Gift Mode have multiple aspect ratios

Just on the homepage, there are two different aspect ratios for listing photo: a round crop and a vertical crop

A tall aspect ratio is used for local fins on the Etsy homepage

My Recommendations for Optimal Listing Photo Size

Given the inconsistency across Etsy's platform, the best aspect ratio and size for your listing photo is in a 2,000 x 2,000px square format. In my opinion, that’s the best way to future proof your listing photo to be displayed properly in various contexts on Etsy and the Etsy app.

Although Etsy still recommends a horizontal 4:3 landscape aspect ratio, in my experience, a square 1:1 ratio is more versatile in different situations.

Also, avoid putting important details too close to the edges of your photos; Leave some empty ‘white space’ around your product. Keeping the product centred prevents parts of it getting cropped off accidentally. If your product is too close to the edges of your photo, then you can consider using a wider angle lens or standing further back when taking product photos.

How To Create Square Listing Photos

Creating the optimal listing photo size is pretty straightforward. Using Canva, follow these steps:

  1. Create a New Design - Open Canva and create a new design with a custom size. Enter 2,000 for both width and height.
  2. Add a Square Grid - Go to the “Elements” tab on the left, scroll down to “Grid” or “Frame”, and click the first option with just the square. This will add a frame to your design. Drag the corners out to fill the whole design if necessary.
  3. Upload and Adjust Photos - Upload your product photos to Canva and then drag them into the frame. To adjust the crop, double-click the image and drag to position it correctly.

Other tools like Adobe Lightroom or just your phone’s editing apps can also help you edit the aspect ratio of your photos.

What Next

Adjusting the size and aspect ratio of your listing photos is just one part of finding success of Etsy. Here are two other guides for you to improve your Etsy listing photos:

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