How To Boost Your Etsy Listing Conversion Rate And Sales With Informational Photos

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February 25, 2024


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We all know that product photos is important for attracting Etsy shoppers and showcasing the beauty of your creations.

But what if I told you that there’s even more you can do to improve your conversion rate and your overall Etsy performance.

I call them ‘informational listing photos’.

Informational listing photos go beyond product photos. They contain essential information that helps convert shoppers into customers.

In this article, I’ll dive into the types of informational listing photos used by successful Etsy sellers, and explain how you can leverage them to improve your Etsy sales.

What Is Informational Listing Photos

Informational listing photos contain additional details about your products that aim to improve the conversion rate of your Etsy shop. That’s achieved by:

Now let’s look at the types of informational listing photos that you can use in your shop:

Feature List Photo

Feature listing photos highlight the key features of your product. One of the ways to do it is to include your product photo on one side, and a concise list of your product's features on the other side of the listing photo.

Why is this important for conversion? This list allows Etsy shoppers to understand what your product offers at a glance without having to read your product description (well, you probably know how many shoppers don't read the product description). This reduces confusion and potential barriers to purchase for shoppers.

Let's look at some examples:

CoResume uses this listing photo to provide a quick and effective overview of their editable resume templates

This listing photo from TiloJewelry highlights the important selling points of their gold earrings

Standout Feature Photo

Having a strong, standout feature to your handmade product is important in selling successfully. Highlighting the benefit to shoppers can help you persuade them to buy from you more effectively.

In your listing photo, you can grab shopper’s attention by writing a strong headline of the standout feature and a short paragraph describing the benefit to customers. This is best when backed up with a relevant product photo.

For example, if your jewelry line uses ethically-sourced gemstones, you might have a photo with a caption like "Ethically-sourced gemstones for peace of mind”, with a short paragraph saying “Our unique pieces are not just beautiful, but also kind to our planet. We source our gemstones from suppliers who prioritise environmental sustainability and fair labor practices.” This reassures ethically-conscious consumers and sets your product apart. Here are some extra examples on Etsy:

ThrivingPlanners uses this product photo to highlight this feature of their planner, illustrated with a screenshot of their planner.

WisdomHouseCo sells customisable candles, which is being highlighted in this listing photo

Customer Review Photo

People trust the words of others who've used a product. Reviews and testimonials are a type of social proof that’s essential for online shopping. It helps build trust and confidence in potential customers, which improve your conversion rate.

Even though Etsy already shows product reviews, highlighting some of the best ones can help further improve the chance of you making a sale. Be sure to ask for permission first before featuring their reviews.

From my Etsy shop, I highlighted some customer reviews in this listing photo, featuring the ones that'd resonate with what my target customers are looking for

FAQs Photo

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) are common questions about your product that shoppers often have. Etsy has a dedicated FAQs section, but it’s not very noticeable on the product page, so adding a separate FAQs photo could help reduce shopper's concerns and confusion.

Having a FAQs listing photo can lower barriers to purchase and make your customers feel more informed and confident to buy. It can also save you time as you won't have to answer the same questions repeatedly.

To put together a list of questions, look at your Etsy messages and see what questions come up constantly. Also, checking top competitors in your niche is a good way to see if there’re any questions you’ve missed.

VALAY includes this clear FAQs to reduce shopper's concerns, which can improve their conversion rate

Packaging Detail Photo

Including a listing photo of your product packaging, along with text highlighting the details, can show shoppers how your product will be shipped. This reduce uncertainty and can boost the chance of making a sale.

A few common points you can potentially highlight:

DeepPurpleProject showcases their beautiful packaging and what's included, which increases the perceived value of their crystals

FireClayArt includes a photo of their packaging and mention 'no invoice included', which is a common question that shoppers have when buying gifts

Shipping Information Photo

Shipping could be a major roadblock in the shoppers’ buying journey. Unexpected long shipping time and processing time can lead to disappointment if they are not communicated properly.

A listing photo with the essential shipping information can help set expectations and reduce uncertainty about when your product will be delivered.

This is especially important if you sell custom made products that take time to create, or if you're an international seller with a longer shipping time.

A clear and concise guide of the shipping options from DoubleSpice

Use Guide Photo

A use instruction listing photo can include some simple tips on how to make the most out of your product. This is especially useful for novelty products or products with unique features that customers might not be familiar with. By showing shoppers using your product is easy-to-use, you increase the perceived value and the chance of a sale.

This instruction from Shaktiism shows shoppers how to use their fabric wrap, which may not be obvious at first sight

Buying Process Overview Photo

A buying process overview photo gives a preview of how to purchase your product. It is especially useful if your product involves customisation or multiple steps.

By showing a step-by-step guide to purchasing your product, you simplify the process and make it seem less daunting. It also gives shoppers a clear idea of what they need to do when buying.

For example, if you sell custom cartoon style wall art that requires a customer photo, it’d be helpful to include a buying process photo that outlines where they can send you send you the photo and the processing time.

PicsArtGifts included this simple purchase flow as a listing photo for their custom socks

BellasLines uses this 4-step buying process for their custom wall art

Size Chart Photo

Fit is a big concern for many shoppers, and a size chart can reassure them about getting the right size. Handmade products like jewelry and clothing often require a size chart.

A size chart listing photo visually shows how to measure for the correct size of your product. It reduces uncertainty, helps customers make a confident purchase decision, and reduces potential returns and exchanges.

A branded tshirt size guide from KinderPlanetCompany
VALAY uses this sizing guide to show how different necklace lengths would look, and how customers can measure to get the best results

SunlightSilver uses a photo with different earrings on a model to illustrate the sizes

Colour Chart Photo

If you offer multiple colour options for your product, the Etsy drop-down list may not be clear enough to set customers expectations.

Including a listing photo of all the available colour options can give shoppers a clearer idea of what they can expect to receive, reduce returns and exchanges, and help shoppers make a more informed purchase decision overall.

delezhen uses this beautiful listing photo to showcase their range of gemstones and colours

A tshirt colour chart from TheNashvilleBoho

TheBarefootCoDesigns combines both a size chart and colour chart in one effective listing photo

What’s Next

Informational listing photos are a powerful tool to boost your conversion rate.

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