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The Complete Etsy SEO Checklist To Boost Your Ranking In Etsy Search

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May 16, 2023


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“How to rank higher on Etsy?” is one of the most common questions I get from my students.

It can be frustrating to put so much time and effort into your listings, only to have them buried under a pile of other listings.

The good news is, there are some solid strategies to improve your Etsy SEO and boost your search ranking. And I’ve put all the SEO tips here in this article. I've also included relevant links to other free Etsy guides if you want to read more on the topic.

I’ve also put all the tips in this article in a free printable checklist. You’ll find that at the end of this article.

Let’s dive in.

What Is Etsy SEO & Why Is It Important?

Etsy SEO is the process of optimising your Etsy business, including your listings and shop, to rank higher in Etsy search. In other words, Etsy SEO is about making your Etsy shop and products more noticeable on Etsy.

The goal of doing Etsy SEO is to get more people to visit your Etsy shop. Having more visitors to your shop means more chances to sell your items. The more people see your products, the more likely you can make a sale. That's why it's so important to understand and optimise your business for Etsy SEO.

The Complete Etsy SEO Checklist

Understanding Etsy Search Ranking Algorithm

Etsy Keyword Research

Optimising Listing Titles

Optimising Listing Tags

Choosing Listing Attributes & Categories

Optimising Listing Photos & Videos

Writing Engaging Listing Descriptions

Monitoring & Adjusting Your SEO Strategy

Shop Optimisations To Boost Customer & Market Experience Score

Additional Strategies To Optimise

Free Printable Etsy SEO Checklist

Click here to download and print out the complete Etsy SEO checklist

What's Next

Now that you have this checklist, read my Etsy SEO Guide for a deeper understanding and more strategies to rank higher.

One of the most important factors of ranking higher is conversion rate. A higher conversion rate means that more of your shop visitors are actually making purchases. To help you boost your conversion rate, I've put together a comprehensive guide on Maximising Your Etsy Conversion Rate.

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