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12 Best Etsy SEO Tools 2023 (Honest Review & Free Options)

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July 11, 2023


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Using the right keywords is crucial for getting found on Etsy. SEO and keyword research tools can help you speed up the process.

There are many tools available, offering different set of features with different prices. It could be overwhelming facing all the options.

So which one’s the best for your Etsy shop?

In this guide, I tested and reviewed the 12 Etsy SEO tools in the market. I’ve also included my top choices, so that you can have the best chance of getting more views and sales on Etsy.

Best Etsy SEO Keyword Research Tools

Top Budget Choice - EtsyHunt

EtsyHunt is a great Etsy SEO tool with useful insights to help you do research for your Etsy shop. I especially love their similar keyword feature which gives keyword ideas and lets you see whether it's ideal to target a keyword (shows you demand vs competition). Overall, it offers a great variety of features at a budget friendly price. (Find EtsyHunt coupon code later in this guide)

Top Premium Choice - Alura

Alura has a great set of features that are useful to Etsy sellers, including a Chrome Extension to find winning product ideas, Keyword Finder to get keyword ideas, Shop Analyzer to improve your listings, etc. It also has a unique feature that other tools don't offer - Email Sender, which integrates with your Etsy shop and allows you to customise your email communication with your customers. (Find Alura coupon code later in this guide)

Best At Finding Keywords - Sale Samurai

Sale Samurai has a standout keyword research feature that gives you a large amount of useful keywords. It’s especially when you are brainstorming and creating new products. (Find Sale Samurai coupon code later in this guide)

Strongest Product Search - EtsyHunt

EtsyHunt has a huge Etsy product database with over 51+ million listings. You can narrow down your search with their search filters as well. Useful in finding winning product ideas or doing competitive analysis.

How Can Etsy SEO Keyword Tools Help Your Shop?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It is the process to help your listings to rank better on Etsy’s search engine.

Etsy SEO tools like eRank, Marmalead and Alura promise to help you find keyword opportunities that has high demand and low competition on Etsy. You can then use those keywords in your titles, tags and description to boost your chance of making sales.

Some of these tools estimate keyword search volume or number of sales of listings so that you can uncover valuable insights that’s usually hidden on Etsy.

Many of these tools also offer listing optimisation. They review your Etsy listings and points out areas that you can improve. It saves you time from going through all your listings manually.


Despite its recent price increase, Alura is still one of the best Etsy SEO and market research tools I’ve used. It reveals useful information like estimated sales, listing tags or even a shop’s message to buyer. The interface is also modern and easy to navigate. You can read my detailed guide here of how to use Alura.

Although the price is not the cheapest, the set of tools that Alura is worth it in my opinion because it can actually help you get more sales.

Try Alura for free here



Alura Coupon Code

Use code GROW30 to get a 30% discount for your first month.

Best Features

Alura has a Chrome extension that helps you find winning product ideas. You can get estimated sales and see hidden product tags while you are browsing Etsy.

Also, Alura has Email Sender which integrates with your Etsy shop. It allows you to build an email list of your loyal customers and send them emails to entice them back to your shop. For example, you can set up an automatic email that triggers when an order is delivered to the customer, giving you a chance to long-term build relationship with them.

Alura also has templates for common promotion emails

Reasons To Avoid


Marmalead is one of the original keyword research tool for Etsy. However, I’ve encountered a few problems when using it, including possibly inaccurate search volume and lack of features. Alongside the higher price compared to other tools like EtsyHunt, I would not recommend Marmalead.

You can read my detailed Marmalead review here.



Best Feature

The listing optimisation tool is decent in giving targeted feedback on factors like title, tags, description and focus keywords.

Reasons To Avoid


EtsyHunt is a great Etsy SEO tool with the largest database of Etsy products on the market. You can also search specific keywords to see the competition level and estimated sales in order to identify market gaps. Read my full EtsyHunt review here.

Other useful features include similar keyword (allows you to get keyword ideas and gauge demand vs competition), Etsy shop search (analyse your competitors), Amazon Handmade product search (unique feature) and shop optimisation.

Overall it's an impressive tool that's easy to use with insightful information. The price is also budget friendly (don't forget to use our coupon code to save an extra 10%).

Try EtsyHunt For Free Here



EtsyHunt Coupon Code

Use code GYC to get 10% off.

Best Feature

The huge Etsy product database is one of the stand out features of EtsyHunt. It allows you to search best selling products in your niche and learn what’s selling well. It also include a database of inactive products, which allows you to see products that have sold out possibly due to your competitor running out of stock.

Sale Samurai

Sale Samurai is a great Etsy research tool. Its strong point is doing keyword research and coming up with keyword ideas. 

It also has a Chrome extension that helps you generate search term ideas and estimate keyword search volume.

Get a 3-day free trial at Sale Samurai here



Sale Samurai Coupon Code

Use code growingyourcraft to get 20% off.

Best Feature

The keyword suggestion of Sale Samurai is strong. It gives you a big list of useful keywords that Etsy shoppers use with estimated search volume.

An example of the long-tail keyword suggestions from Sale Samurai under the keyword "quote print"


eRank is another capable Etsy SEO keyword tools in the market. It helps you discover a good amount of useful insights for your Etsy business. 

One of the biggest reasons to join is the relatively affordable pricing of eRank. Most sellers should find the Free or Basic plan enough for day-to-day use. Read my review here.



Best Feature

Affordable pricing - eRank offers a wide range of features with a reasonable price tag starting at $5.99/month.

Reasons To Avoid


Everbee helps you spot best selling Etsy products and their estimated sales. The Chrome extension makes it easy to analyse listings and keywords directly on Etsy.

Try Everbee For Free Here



Best Feature

The Chrome extension offers sales estimation which helps you spot winning product ideas easily.

Reasons To Avoid


Crest is an Etsy tool that is more focused on managing your shop and analysing your own shop’s data, instead of analysing competing products and shops on Etsy to get insights.



Best Feature

Location-based customer analytics

Reasons To Avoid

Other Etsy Keyword Tools


Makerwords shows you estimated search volume of keywords on both Etsy and Amazon, but it’s relatively thin in features and without a free trial. 

Merch Titans

Pretty basic tool with simple function of generating tags. No key insights like search volume, keyword difficulty, estimated demand, etc.

Printful’s Keyword Scout

Keyword Scout is a decent tool with features like tag generator and listing optimisation, but it’s not worth the high price tag if you don’t already have Printful Pro already (Printful Pro is $49/month).

Keyword Tool Dominator

This tool generates tags, keywords, and gives relevancy and search volume. This company also makes keyword tools for platforms like Youtube, Google and Amazon, which is probably the reason why this tool is pretty thin in features and doesn’t feel particularly tailored for Etsy.


Keyword research tool with decent data including volume, trend and difficulty score. But overall it doesn’t have many features with a pretty high price starting at $17/month. Even the PRO plan of $34/month has limitation on searches, but they do have a free plan if you want to try it out.

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