eRank For Etsy: Is It Worth It & How To Use It To Grow Your Etsy Shop?

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October 21, 2022


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eRank is one of the most popular SEO and keyword research tool for Etsy because of its affordable plans and big list of features.

But is eRank worth it? Is it useful in growing your Etsy shop?

I had the same question as you, so I tested it out.

Here’s what I think about eRank and whether it’s worth paying for this Etsy tool.

eRank Pricing

eRank has a free plan with limited access to the tools. Also there are some tools that are only available to the paid plans, like competition tracker and top Etsy sellers (you’ll only be able to see top 5 instead of top 100).

Their paid plans are quite affordable at $5.99/month for eRank Basic and $9.99/month for eRank Pro with different access limits. Unfortunately, even the top plan (PRO at $9.99), the access is still not unlimited (e.g. 50 lookup/day for rank checker, 200 lookup/day for keyword tool).

For most sellers, I would recommend trying out the free plan and upgrade to the Basic plan if you use it regularly.

Is eRank Worth It?

Overall eRank is one of the best Etsy SEO tools in the market that can help you with market research and listing optimisations, despite some tools that are not particularly useful like Dates (shows last updated and expire dates) and Inventory (shows quantity available of listings with the price and total value).

One of the standout features of eRank is how budget friendly it is, with the paid plan starting at $5.99/month.

You can try out eRank for free here.

Keyword Explorer

The Keyword Explorer of eRank gives you useful information, including estimated search volume, clicks, CTR (click-through rate), trends, competition, etc.

The keywords that it provides are also great, making it a good tool for brainstorming keywords. For example, when I put “summer dress” as the seed keyword, it gives high quality keyword ideas like “summer slip dress”, “long summer dress” and “white summer maxi dress”

Keyword Tool

The Keyword Tool is similar to Keyword Explorer but with a few more features. Just like the Explorer tool, it shows the information like search volume and competition for a number of keyword ideas.

It also analyses the top 100 listings for this keyword and gives insights on average price, views, favourites and more. The section on popular tags and related searches help you discover new keywords that competition is using that you may have missed.

There is quite a lot of information on this page, which can make the page quite long. It would be better if eRank can make some sections collapsable so users can find what they need quicker.

Listing Audit

The listing audit feature of eRank is pretty comprehensive. It helps you optimise your Etsy shop listings by giving you advice on improving your listing titles, tags, description and more.

eRank gives your listings grades, so that you can choose the listings with the lowest grade to improve first.

Hot / Trending

The Hot/Trending page on eRank shows you trending keywords, products, recipients, styles, and materials on different platforms.

It’s interesting and useful to see what’s selling well on other marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook and Pinterest. eRank also included some International marketplaces like Gumtree, Flipkart and Kijiji, as well as brick and mortar stores like Target and Walmart.

Free account can see the top 5 results, while paid account can see the top 100.

Tag Report

This feature shows you all the tags you are using in your shop, from most used to the least.

With the information like search volume and competition, it’s useful in spotting tag opportunities with lower competition and high search volume that you can focus more on.

Top Sellers

This page shows you the top 100 Etsy shops by sales of all time and yesterday. You can also filter categories like jewelry and clothing to see your biggest competition. Note that free account can only view up to top 5 shops.

You can then click into any of the top Etsy shops and see their details. You can see basic info like sales ranking and average sales/day. And you can also analyse their listings, tags and more.

Colour Thesaurus

Get different keywords of describing your colour. Be sure to check the colour name on Etsy and see whether shoppers are actually using that term.


eRank has 2 calculators that can help you with costing and pricing.

ROI calculator - Calculates the return on investment on your ads. It can help you determine whether it’s worth it to run Etsy ads.

Profit calculator - Calculates Etsy fees, and your estimated profit.

eRank Alternatives

There are some eRank alternatives (free or paid) in the market. Click here to find out which Etsy SEO and keyword research tool is the best for your shop.

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