What Is Etsy Bestseller Badge? How To Get It, What Does It Mean, How To Find Bestsellers

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July 26, 2022


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Every Etsy seller wants that elusive bestseller badge on their products. It’s an indicator of a successful and popular listing.

However, no one knows exactly how it works and what are the requirements for getting the bestseller badge.

But there are some ways to improve your chances of getting one for your products.

In this article, we will look at some possible criteria, how to find other Etsy bestsellers, and what you can do to better your chances.

How Does Bestseller Badge Look Like On Etsy

The bestseller badge on Etsy is shown as a yellowish orange badge.

One thing to keep in mind is that the bestseller badge won’t show if your item is on discount. 

Let’s look at an example. All 4 of these items are bestsellers, but only the 3 that are not running a sale have the badge.

When the product is on sale, it won't show the bestseller badge

Another reason why a bestseller badge won’t show will be because the same item also has a “Popular Now” badge (which likely to indicate a large amount of sales in a short period of time) or “Etsy’s Pick” badge. Like this:

All 4 of these are bestsellers, but none of them have their badges shown

Benefits Of Getting Etsy Bestseller Badge

Having the bestseller badge increases visibility of your listing in the search results and can give shoppers confidence in buying from you.

A badge saying “bestseller” can give the impression that the shop is experienced and trustworthy.

This will likely increase the conversion rate, which means a bigger percentage of shoppers will buy from you. And because of that, having the badge can boost sales and push your listing higher on Etsy search.

How Do You Get Etsy Bestseller Badge

When you hover over the bestseller badge, Etsy says: “This item has had a high sales volume over the past 6 months.” The bestseller evaluate on your recent sales, but not the whole sales history of the product. It also means the badge is not permanent and can be lost if the product doesn’t satisfy the requirement.

Etsy's Explanation For Bestseller Badge

Etsy hasn’t confirmed the exact criteria for getting the bestseller badge. No one knows exactly the requirements of:

How To Find Bestselling Products On Etsy

Now with a recent change in Etsy search, you can find for Etsy bestsellers easily. This is a great features to find the top selling items in your niche and learn why they are selling so well.

After searching for a keyword, click “filters” and check “Bestsellers” under “special offers”.

Then you will see a list of best selling products of that particular keyword. 

Keep in mind that advertised listings are also included in the search results, and they may not be bestsellers. So skip over the promoted listings if you want to have a more accurate result.

As mentioned above, some of the bestselling listings won’t show the badge because they have:

What Can You Learn From Bestsellers To Improve Your Chance

Clickable Thumbnail Product Photo

Thumbnail photo is the first of your product photo. It’s the one that is visible on the search page.

A good thumbnail photo can catch Etsy shoppers’ attention and make them want to click into the product page.

Pay attention to these elements of the thumbnail photo:

All these bestselling stacking rings have excellent photos

Focusing On Product Benefits

Bestsellers tend to focus on product benefits, instead of features. Although they are both important, product benefits can appeal to customers emotionally.

People buy things that make their lives better or to solve a problem. So you should focus on how you can make a positive change to your customer’s life, and they will more likely buy from you.

Product Photos That Show The Whole Picture

Usually top selling products have a good variety of product photos. Here are some common types of product photos:

Click here to read more about the product photos you should include in your listing.

Packaging shot from CaitlynMinimalist

Bonuses To Close The Sale

Including some extras or bonuses can help you close a sale.

This is more common for digital products. For example, for my Etsy shop, I include a free bonus icon library for my customers so that they can further customise the design. But I’ve also seen bonuses included in physical product like this one:

NowandZenTerrariums showcase the bonus items you'll get when you order

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