10 Top Selling Etsy Products & What They Are Doing Right

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July 4, 2023


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What makes a top selling listing on Etsy?

Here’s the thing, it’s not just luck. There are specific strategies that they use to skyrocket their sales on Etsy.

And the best way to improve on Etsy is to analyse best selling listings and see what they are doing right. I mean actually dissect these top selling listings and reveal the strategies that make them so successful.

In this article, I’m going to show you some marketing strategies that top selling listings use. So you can adjust and apply them to your Etsy shop to increase conversion rate and sales.

Let’s dive in.

20 Marketing Strategies Of Top Selling Etsy Listings

Etsy is a competitive place. If you want to stand out, you’d need to apply a set of effective marketing strategies to help your listings rise to the top.

Here are 20 of my favourite marketing strategies for selling on Etsy. You'll see many of them being used in the top selling products on Etsy:

  1. Niche down to cater to your target customers better
  2. Address shoppers’ pain point or fulfil their want
  3. Deliver high quality product
  4. Offer personalised products
  5. Establish a strong handmade brand that resonates with your target customer
  6. Write persuasive listing description
  7. Engage shoppers with a listing video
  8. Use product photos to let shoppers envision them using the product
  9. Optimise Etsy SEO with long tail keywords that shoppers actually use
  10. Address any common shoppers concerns with FAQs
  11. Encourage reviews to boost credibility
  12. Create a premium handmade experience
  13. Work towards Etsy Star Seller badge
  14. Create urgency and boost conversion with limited-time sales
  15. Use UGC in listing photos after asking for permission
  16. Keep track of the market and create trending products
  17. Offer product variations
  18. Add extra incentive to close the sale
  19. Send automatic offers like abandoned cart coupon
  20. Provide gift wrapping services

Each of these strategies serves as a building block to your Etsy success.

They all work together and help improve your Etsy listings. Implementing them may not mean overnight success, but they will collectively help increase the chance of your listings becoming bestsellers.

How Can You Find Top Selling Products On Etsy

So how do you see what’s selling well on Etsy?

Some Etsy SEO tools can estimate the number of sales of listings on Etsy. In this article, I’ll use one of my recommended Etsy SEO tools, Alura, to identify the top selling Etsy products.

There are also some other ways to identify popular products on Etsy:

10 Popular Etsy Listings & Their Winning Strategies

Now, let’s have a look at 10 popular listings and what they are doing right. I’ll analyse and dissect them to find out what stand out strategies that they are using, and how they apply them to stand out on Etsy and get lots of sales.

To get a sense of their performance, I’ve included the estimated monthly sales number from Alura for June 2023.

Green Leaves Macrame Wall Hanging from BeanDaikon

Estimated monthly sales: 2,184

Personalized Name Necklace from CaitlynMinimalist

Estimated monthly sales: 1159

Linen Oven Mitt from MagicLinen

Estimated monthly sales: 420

Plant Car Air Freshener from ShopVroomBlooms

Estimated monthly sales: 878

Minimal Paper Towel Holder from Keyaiira

Estimated monthly sales: 981

Macrame Pattern PDF from ReformFibers

Estimated monthly sales: 205

Set of 9 Flower Market Prints from SoftNSoft

Estimated monthly sales: 1252

Merino Wool Chunky Knit Blanket from ChunkyWoolStudio

Estimated monthly sales: 271

White Felt Cat Bed from vaivanat

Estimated monthly sales: 126

Personalised Name Puzzle With Animals from Busy Puzzle

Estimated monthly sales: 484

What’s next

Remember, what works for these top selling Etsy listings may not work exactly the same for you. It’s important not to just copy what they do, but to put your own twist on them when applying to your own listings.

You have to be you. Your customers want what you offer because it's unique, so keep being original. And always keep your customers in mind and cater to what they want.

With the knowledge of these winning strategies, you may also want to fix some of the common mistakes of Etsy sellers. So that you can have a stronger foundation and greater chance of success when you implement the strategies. Check out 11 Reasons Why Your Etsy Shop Is Not Making Sales & How To Fix Them.

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