What To Do If Your Etsy Shop Is Suspended?

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August 11, 2022


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Is your Etsy account suspended and you want to know what to do next?

Etsy suspends or bans accounts that are believed to have violated Etsy’s policies. Being a big platform like Etsy, there are automatic algorithm in place that flags shops for violation. And sometimes, shops may get banned mistakenly.

So don’t panic, and let’s go through the steps to see whether you can get your shop back.

Types Of Suspension On Etsy

There are two main types of account suspension: Temporary or permanent.

With a temporary suspension, you probably have received an email from the Etsy Integrity Department. Read the email carefully of what they ask you to do to resolve the issue.

If your account is suspended because of an overdue balance (unpaid bills), then resolving it would be straight-forward. After paying your balance, you will get your account back basically right away.

If you haven’t received the email, go to this page, scroll to the bottom, and press “contact support”.

There is no set period of how long the suspension last. It would depend on how quickly you can take the required actions to resolve the issue.

Permanent suspension is more serious. You won’t be able to buy, sell, or even log in Etsy.

We will look at how to appeal a permanent suspension later in this guide.

What Does Shop Suspension Look Like On Etsy

When shoppers visit a suspended shop, they will see this banner saying "(shop name is currently not selling on Etsy".

Inside your Etsy Shop Manager, you will see these red sections if your shop is suspended. Also, all your listings will be deactivated by default. This is what it looks like (the shop name and listing photos are covered for privacy reasons):

Possible Reasons For Suspension On Etsy

Overdue Balance

Your Etsy account could face a temporary suspension if you didn’t pay your Etsy bill. Sometimes it could be because of your credit card expired and Etsy couldn’t charge you. After paying the balance, the suspension should be lifted.

Selling Products That Are Not Allowed On Etsy

Visit this page for a full list of prohibited products. Here are some common ones:

Selling Services That Are Not Allowed On Etsy

Services are allowed on Etsy only if a new tangible item is produced, according to this Etsy rule.

For example, a copywriting service is allowed because this service will produce a new item - a piece of writing. Or a tarot card reading is allowed if a new item is produced, like a recording of the reading.

On the contrary, prayers are not allowed because there is no tangible item being produced.

Modification services (change or alter an item that already exist without producing a new one) are not allowed. Examples include fixing a car, restoring a vintage piece and tailoring for clothing.

Too Many Cases Opened Against The Shop

Etsy could suspend your account if you have too many cases opened against your shop. There’s not a certain number of cases opened before Etsy takes action, but it’s good practice to avoid and resolve cases as quickly as possible.

Reply To Suspension Email From Etsy

If you are temporarily suspended by Etsy, you should receive an email from the Etsy Integrity Department with direction of how to reinstate your account.

Carefully read through the email. Mark down what they need from you so you can gather the relevant information.

When you have the information ready, reply to the email as soon as you can so that they can work on lifting the suspension. Keep in mind to write clearly and to-the-point.

Usually you will need to wait a few days you hear back from Etsy about their decision.

How To Restore Permanently Suspended Etsy Account

If you get a permanent suspension from Etsy, you still have hope by filing an appeal to challenge their decision.

Here’s the process of how to appeal a suspension:

  1. Go to Etsy Help Center
  2. Scroll down to “Your Etsy Account” > “Contacting Etsy
  3. Resolve any open cases against your shop
  4. Pay any outstanding balance in your account
  5. Go to "How to File an Appeal for a Permanently Suspended Account”
  6. Click “File an appeal” and follow the instructions

How To Write Your Message To Appeal Etsy Permanent Suspension

As every appeal is different, here are some guidelines to give you the best chance.

You should restate your reason for suspension. If they have told you in the previous email, you can use them.

The main part of your message should be about how you have started/plan to resolve the problem. Focus on your actions and how those actions can ensure the violation won’t happen again.

Your message should be clear and factual. Even though you may feel frustrated, avoid being defensive and blame Etsy as that wouldn’t help your appeal.

The appeal process should take a few days to 2 weeks. After they’ve made a decision, you will get an email about whether they will reinstate your account or have your account remain suspended.

As you only have one chance to appeal a permanent suspension, make sure to be proactive and transparent about your plan to resolve and prevent the violation in the future.

Can You Open A Second Shop If You Are Permanently Suspended?

Unfortunately, you can’t. As Etsy states, “If your account is permanently suspended from selling on Etsy, you’re not allowed to buy or sell on Etsy, or create a new account to buy or sell on Etsy.”

Etsy is likely using the information from your first shop, like your bank account details and credit card number, to link your suspended shop with any possible new accounts, which makes it extremely difficult to start a new Etsy shop.

Starting Again On Another Platform

If you can’t get your shop back, you can choose to sell on other platform or open your own website.

Some marketplaces you can consider using to reopen your shop:

Or you can consider opening your own website by using:

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