How To Choose Your Unique & Creative Etsy Shop Name

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June 11, 2024


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Choosing your perfect Etsy shop name could be a headache.

From struggling to come up with a name that truly represents your craft and business, to worrying that the name is already taken. Your shop name is an important part of your Etsy shop, and you want to get it right.

In this article, I will guide you through the process of finding the ideal name for your Etsy shop and making sure it’s available.

Let’s get started.

Elements Of A Good Etsy Shop Name

Your Etsy shop name is one of the first things that shoppers see, and a strong shop name can help give them a positive first impression.

When brainstorming shop names, here are some qualities that could be important:

  1. Memorable - Easy to remember and pronounce. That could help in repeat purchases and word-of-mouth marketing when your customers recommend your shop to their friends and relatives.
  2. Descriptive & Keyword-Rich - Gives a hint about what your brand is about. For example, if your shop is eco-friendly, then having words like “Green” or “Zero Waste” would make sense. This is also a good practice for SEO.
  3. Unique - This can help you stands out from the competition.
  4. Easy To Read & Understand - Avoid complicated or un-pronounceable names.
  5. Capitalise Words - If your shop name consists of multiple words, capitalise each word so it’s easier to read. For example, GrowingYourCraft instead of growingyourcraft.

90 Unique Etsy Shop Name Ideas

To help you get started, here are 90 Etsy shop name ideas categorised by different categories:

1. Multiple Words

  1. CozyPrintables
  2. VintageFlorals
  3. SeasideArtworks
  4. RusticArtisanWorks
  5. SereneHomeDecor
  6. ChicKnitsBoutique
  7. ArtisanNecklaces
  8. BlossomLaserGifts
  9. DreamyDigitalDesigns
  10. ForestAndLakesGifts

2. Compound Words

  1. Craftology (Craft + Technology)
  2. Stitchscape (Stitch + Landscape)
  3. MysticStones (Mystical + Gemstones)
  4. Printique (Print + Boutique)
  5. EcoCrafts (Eco + Crafts)
  6. GloWares (Glow + Wares)
  7. GemTrove (Gem + Treasure Trove)
  8. Quiltopia (Quilt + Utopia)
  9. Jeweluxe (Jewelry + Deluxe)
  10. Sewphoria (Sew + Euphoria)

3. Non-English

  1. Petit Bijou (French for “Little Jewel”)
  2. CasaArte (Spanish for “House Art”)
  3. BellaCreazioni (Italian for “Beautiful Creations”)
  4. KunstWerke (German for “Art Works”)
  5. WabiSabiCrafts (Japanese for “Imperfect Beauty Crafts”)
  6. LykkeDesigns (Swedish for “Happiness Designs”)
  7. BonitoDecor (Portuguese for “Beautiful Decor”)
  8. ShukrArt (Arabic for “Gratitude Art”)
  9. Hyggeligt Hjem (Danish for “Cozy Home”)
  10. FijnCrafts (Dutch for “Fine Crafts”)

4. Funny & Punny

  1. Inkredible
  2. BaubleHeads
  3. QuiltyPleasure
  4. Yarnivores
  5. CrayCrayCrafts
  6. Candlelicious
  7. Zenbroidery
  8. PixelMyFancy
  9. PlanetOfTheCapes
  10. SewManyThreads

5. Alternate Spellings

  1. Klayworks
  2. Youniverse
  3. KreativeKrafts
  4. Jemstones
  5. KwerkyGifts
  6. ChiqJewelry
  7. MajikPotion
  8. TheCeramikShop
  9. KittyKatKrafts
  10. Phurnitures

6. Descriptive

  1. VintageTreasures
  2. MinimalJewels
  3. ArtisanalCeramics
  4. RusticDecors
  5. CustomPortraits
  6. GreenEcoCrafts
  7. InfusedCandles
  8. BohoLuxeInvites
  9. LaserWoodGifts
  10. EmbroideredCorduroy

7. Playful

  1. FunkyEarringsCo
  2. WhimsyWorks
  3. CheeryCharms
  4. SnazzyStitches
  5. JazzyJewelry
  6. BubblyBoutique
  7. HappyCrafts
  8. ZippyZines
  9. PeppyPrintables
  10. JollyJewels

8. Abstract or Made-Up

  1. ArdinaMugs
  2. SolanoWallArt
  3. LuminaDesignStudio
  4. KenariHandmade
  5. NoveliCrystals
  6. ZyloraDecor
  7. KaizenPuzzles
  8. FlaroCreations
  9. BelsariGlassware
  10. RevourAccessories

9. Your Own Name

  1. AJDigitalDesigns
  2. MorganHandcrafts
  3. CatherineVintage
  4. EthanArtWorks
  5. LauraJewelryDesigns
  6. SamuelCanvaStudio
  7. OliviaPrints
  8. JacksonKnits
  9. EmilyEcoJewelry
  10. AlexArtisanGoods

What To Do If The Shop Name Is Taken

It’s not uncommon to find the shop name you want to use already taken. If that happens, consider adding a modifier to your shop name.

Add words like these to modify your shop name:

How To Check Whether A Name Is Available

The only way to check is to use the “Check Availability” feature when you are opening your Etsy shop.

The “Find shop names containing xxx” function in the Etsy search bar is not foolproof way because that only checks for active Etsy shops.

On Etsy, active shop names, closed shop names and user names all need to be unique. For instance, let’s say if “growingyourcraft“ is taken as a username, I wouldn’t be able to open a shop of that name even though if there were no shop named “growingyourcraft“. So the only reliable way to make sure is to confirm your chosen name is available is the “Check Availability” feature during the shop creation process on Etsy.

Common Questions About Etsy Shop Names

Can You Change Your Etsy Shop Name Afterwards?

Yes, you can change your Etsy shop name up to 5 times without contacting Etsy support. After you change your shop name, there will be an icon next to your shop name for 45 days to let shoppers know that the name has been changed.

How Long Can Your Etsy Shop Name Be?

Your Etsy shop name needs to be between 4 and 20 characters long.

Does Your Shop Name Needs To Be SEO Friendly?

Although Etsy’s search algorithm does not use your shop name as a ranking factor, having a shop name that is relevant to what you sell has the benefit of providing clarity for potential customers of what your shop offers.

What’s Next

Choosing the right name for your Etsy shop is just one of the first steps of opening your Etsy shop. Here are some other guides to help you with your new Etsy shop:

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