13 High Ticket Digital Products To Sell On Etsy

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March 13, 2024


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With increasing competition on Etsy, the prices of digital products are driven lower and lower.

So how do you maximise profits as a digital product seller on Etsy?

One solution is selling high-ticket digital products.

In this article, I’ll go through some strategies to increase the price of your digital products, and 13 product ideas on Etsy that are still able to command a high price.

Let’s get started.

The Key to High-Ticket Digital Products

To justify a high price tag, the digital product usually need to satisfy these two essential requirements:

  1. It Has A High Barrier Of Entry: If your offering requires specialised skills, substantial time investment, or unique resources to create, then it’s harder for other people to enter the market and compete with you.
  2. Offer Significant Customer Value To Customers: Your product must solve a burning problem or bring a positive transformation to your customers.

Products that satisfy these two prerequisites have a better earning potential on Etsy. With that in mind, let’s look at some digital products that you can charge a high price on Etsy.

13 High-Ticket Digital Product Ideas On Etsy

1. Large Template Bundles

If you create a large bundle of templates designed to solve multiple problems for a specific target customer. It saves them time and effort in finding multiple templates for their business, which allows you to charge more for the value you provide.

Depending on the bundle size and competition level, bundles usually sell for $15-50 on Etsy.

For example, you can consider creating a bundle for Airbnb owners that includes welcome book template, cleaning checklist, instagram post templates, etc. Such a bundle can help Airbnb owners to set up their business quickly and conveniently.

Bundles for Airbnb owners and real estate agents are popular on Etsy, but you can consider other target customers like cafe owners, teachers, etc.

2. Website Templates

Another high ticket product idea is website templates for popular platforms like Wix, Squarespace, or Shopify.

They save customer money by eliminating the need for hiring an expensive web designer. Also, because designing a website template takes skills, there’s a barrier of entry that allows you to charge for a higher price.

Usually Wordpress themes sell for $20-50, but templates for Squarespace and Shopify can charge for more because of the lower competition.

3. Custom Branding Design

If you have strong design skills, you can consider providing custom branding packages for businesses. Etsy shops with stronger designs and a more extensive portfolio would likely be able to charge more.

Tiered pricing is common for branding packages. Simple packages that include just a logo design may go for $20-50, but a large package with a full style guide and multiple assets like business card design can go for over $200.

4. In-Depth Courses

You can also leverage your own experience and knowledge by selling digital courses, either in written or video formats.

Often courses that can help customers warn more or save money can charge for more than just courses that are just hobby related.

If you want to charge more for your course, focus on developing your authority and trust by collecting student testimonials that prove the effectiveness of your course.

5. Notion Templates

Notion is a powerful note-taking and productivity app that has become highly popular in the last few years.

Although there’s already some competition on Etsy, there are still a lot of opportunities in creating high ticket Notion templates if the template is comprehensive and take advantage of Notion’s new features and capabilities.

6. Custom Art Pieces

Although this niche is competitive, custom art pieces with a unique style and a clear target customer can still sell for a decent price.

Given that you have strong design skills, you can consider selling unique art pieces that allow for customer customisations.

Focus on art styles that can’t be easily replicated by AI, and emphasise the genuine handmade quality of your work by showing behind the scene photos and videos in your listings.

7. Finance & Bookkeeping Spreadsheets

With the possible economy recession, people are getting more and more conscious about maximising their mileage with money.

Practical spreadsheets designed for financial management and debt repayment are popular digital product ideas. Bookkeeping spreadsheets for small businesses are also in high demand.

To justify a higher price, you’d need to create highly specific spreadsheets that satisfy the needs of a target customer. For example, a budgeting spreadsheet tailored for cafes trying to maximise their margin and reduce costs.

8. Ancestry Book Templates

Ancestry book templates are a relatively low competition digital product niche. It helps customers document their family history and family tree.

Because of the low competition, a well-made template can sell for about $20-30 on Etsy.

Considering offering templates in different styles and target different customers.

9. PLR (Private Label Rights) Digital Products

Private label right (PLR) or white label digital products are digital products that customers can resell as their own. These products often focus on their potential for passive income and low effort required.

PLR products can range from simple templates like social media templates and labels, to more complex products like ebooks and online courses.

Your ability to charge a high price depends on whether you can create a bundle that’s comprehensive and high quality so that customers believe they can resell them successfully and easily.

10. reMarkable Templates

reMarkable is an e-ink tablet that provide users a unique paper-like writing experience. It has been popular among minimalists and productivity enthusiasts.

If you have experience with the tablet, consider creating templates like planners, calendars, and other productivity tools.

As a relatively new product category, well-designed reMarkable templates can charge for decent prices because of low competition.

11. Instagram Template Packs

Although the niche of Instagram post templates is competitive, comprehensive template packs made for specific customers can still sell for a relatively high price of $15-30.

If the target customer is underserved, create template packs that are tailored for their needs. Let’s say if you’re creating a pack for travel content creator, then you can include templates for common use cases like promoting hotels, tours, restaurants etc. Bonus templates for travel itineraries or packing lists could further increase the value.

Consider enhancing your offer further to stand out from competition, for example, including a free guide on how to write high converting Instagram captions.

12. Wedding Planners

Even though the niche is competitive, wedding planners can still sell for a decent price.

The two prerequisites of a high ticket wedding planner include an aesthetically pleasing design, and that the planner is comprehensive to satisfy all the common needs for engaged couples.

Consider on focusing on underserved niches like weddings of different cultures and LGBTQ+ weddings.

13. Study Guides

If you have hands-on knowledge for a particular subject or exam, you can write study guides for it. Focus on exams that have an impact on earning potential and career paths, instead of a generic high school science exam.

This is similar to writing courses, but the main difference is that study guides are more practical and targeted towards a particular subject or exam.

Highlight your credentials, qualifications, and student success stories to be able to charge for a higher price.

What’s Next

Creating a high earning potential product is only the first step of finding success on Etsy.

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