Etsy Views vs Visits: Differences & How To Fix Low Metrics To Boost Sales

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April 28, 2023


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A student recently asked me what the difference is between views and visits in their Etsy shop stats.

Both of these are important metrics of your Etsy shop, and understanding them can help you improve your shop sales potentially.

After this article, you’ll understand the difference between views and visits, and how to improve them so you get more sales.

Let’s get started.

Where Can You See Your Views & Visits

You can find your views and visits in your Etsy dashboard and Etsy stats. In your Etsy dashboard, you can see your views and visits. In your Etsy stats, you can see your visits in the graph, while the views are separated into your listings.

Etsy updates different metrics in Etsy stat at different frequencies. For example, visits are updated a few times a day so that Etsy has time to filter out 'bot' traffic, such as visits from search engines rather than real people. Views update more frequently than visits.

In Etsy stat, you can see the number of visits here

After you scroll down in Etsy stat, you can see the views of individual listings

Etsy Views & Visits Explained

According to Etsy, views represent the total times people looked at each of your listings. And visits is the number of people who looked at your shop or listings.

Etsy doesn't count your own views and visits if you're logged into the same account as the Etsy shop you’re viewing.

And for privacy reasons, Etsy doesn't show who viewed your listings. But you can see the people who favorited your listing, made a purchase, etc.

What's The Difference Between Views & Visits

According to Etsy, “Visits represent the number of people who looked at your shop or listings. Views tell you the total times people looked at each of your listings.”

So if one shopper clicked into your shop and looked at five listings, it would count as one visit and five views. And because of that, number of views will always be higher than number of visits.

How Many Views & Visits Before A Sale

Unfortunately, there's no real answer to this question. It depends on your conversion rate, which is the percentage of views that result in a purchase.

From my experience, successful Etsy shops have a conversion rate of 1-3%. If you take that conversion rate figure, it means that shops would take about 33-100 views to make 1 sale. But this depends heavily on your listing quality, price point, customer service, etc.

Common Reasons For Low Views & Visits On Etsy

I completely understand that having low views and visits for your Etsy shop and listings is one of the most frustrating things. There are a few common reasons why your views and visits are low:

Listing photo quality - This is one of the main reasons why your listings have little views. Because Etsy shoppers face so many listings on the search result page, if your thumbnail listing photo is not attractive and clickable enough, it’s unlikely that shoppers will be intrigued enough to view your listing.

Other common reasons why you’re not getting views and visits include:

What's Next: Turn Your Etsy Views & Visits Into Sales

To turn views and visits into sales, you should focus on optimising your listings to improve your conversion rate.

Improving your conversion rate can create a positive feedback loop of:

  1. Higher conversion rate (more shoppers turn into customers)
  2. Higher ranking in Etsy search (conversion rate is one of the main ranking factors)
  3. More shoppers viewing your listing and bringing you more sales

I’ve written this free conversion rate guide to help you convert views and visits into sales.

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