26 Best Etsy Packaging Ideas For Handmade Jewelry

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April 20, 2022


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Good packaging can make or break a handmade jewelry shop.

If done right, it can boost the perceived value of your hand-crafted jewelry and allow you to compete with the big retail brands.

Let’s dive right in and see how you can elevate your packaging game for your jewelry shop.

Why Is It Important To Package Your Handmade Jewelry


One of the main reasons why packaging is important is a practical one - Protection.

We have all seen those viral videos of how USPS mis-handle packages. Your product will likely go through many different people and vehicles before reaching your customers. You don’t want your handmade jewelry be damaged when your customers open the parcel.

Protecting your jewelry during shipment is important for making sure that it will reach customer at perfect condition and lower the return/refund rate. This is especially true for delicate jewelry with precious gemstones.


Another important function of packaging is branding. Packaging is a part of the customer shopper experience. It should be consistent with your branding.

Use your brand font and brand colour from the branding course when considering the packaging elements.

Well branded packaging can improve the perceived value of your jewelry, giving it that professional handmade feeling.

Build Long-Term Relationship

You can also include extra elements in your jewelry packaging to build customer relationships.

They are elements like thank you card, freebies and discount code that make the purchase more memorable, increasing the chance of customers coming back again. As you may know, having repeat customers is key to a sustainable Etsy business.

What Should I Include In The Jewelry Package?

Protective Materials

Many types of jewelry are susceptible to damage during shipment. Adding protective materials can avoid any problems. Common choices include bubblewrap, padded envelops, etc. Or be more environmentally friendly with padded cardboard parcels with recyclable plastic.

Thank You Card

Thank you card is one of the best ways to show your appreciation for your customers. Either handwritten or printed, include a thank you card in your packaging. Growing Your Craft has a good selection of editable designs.

Branded Jewelry Box/Card

Jewelry box is a staple when packaging jewelry. They come in many sizes to fit rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more.

A custom jewelry box can be quite costly for small Etsy sellers. An alternative is to have a plain box and brand it with a custom logo stamp.

Jewelry Pouch/Bag

To create a more attractive unboxing experience, some jewelry shops put the jewelry in a pouch or a drawstring bag before the jewelry box. There are many types of materials to choose from depending on the feeling of your brand. For a more natural look, consider cotton or linen bags. And for a luxury brand, velvety fabric is a good choice.

Small Gift/Freebie

Including a small gift with your order can surprise your customers and make them feel special. Make sure the small gift make sense and doesn’t de-value your actual product.

An example is to include a small tumbled gemstone with a purchase of gemstone jewelry.

Discount Code For Future Purchases

Include a discount code in your packaging can encourage repeat purchase. This is one of the most effective marketing you can do with a small budget. 

One way to include the coupon code is to put it on the thank you card like this:

Packaging Idea For Handmade Necklaces

Necklace usually consists of two parts - pendant and chain. They are often delicate and fragile, which require protection during shipping.

Necklace chain, although not particularly easy to break, is prone to getting tangled by itself. A jewelry card can hold it in place and keep in separated in transit.

Some jewelry boxes also have hooks to hold the necklace in place.

Let’s look at some necklace packaging examples on Etsy:




Packaging Idea For Handmade Bracelets

Jewelry boxes and display cards are two popular choices for handmade bracelets. Some boxes have built in holder for bracelets, which prevents it from moving around

Display card could be a cheaper option which holds the bracelet in place. You can brand that either with a logo stamp or have it custom printed. Usually sellers put that either in a jewelry box or pouch.

Let’s look at some bracelet packaging examples on Etsy:




Packaging Idea For Handmade Rings

A ring box is a small jewelry box is popular for packaging rings. It has a place (slot) to hold the ring in place, which protects it during shipping as rings are fragile especially those with precious gemstones.

Let’s look at some rings packaging examples on Etsy:




Packaging Idea For Handmade Earrings

Display card is a popular way to package earrings. They hold the earrings in place and the card is a good opportunity to brand. Some jewelry boxes also have earring slots.

Let’s look at some earrings packaging examples on Etsy:




More Beautiful Etsy Jewelry Packaging Ideas















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