Want to start a profitable digital product Etsy shop but doesn’t know where to begin?
Open Your Etsy Digital Product Shop in Just 5 Days
A practical 5-day masterclass to build your digital product Etsy shop from scratch, even if you don’t have graphic design skills or you're not tech-savvy
Are you ready to break into the amazing world of selling digital products on Etsy, but feeling stuck because you lack graphic design skills or you're not tech-savvy? If so, you're in the right place.

Etsy Digital Product Launch: 5-Day Masterclass is a unique, practical course that will guide you through the process of creating your digital product Etsy shop from scratch, even if you've never sold anything online before.

Unlike some online videos that promise selling digital product is ‘simple’ and ‘easy’, this is a course that provides you with the right tools, roadmap, and strategies to actually find success.
What you'll learn in just 5 days
Discover Profitable Niches: Through market research techniques, you'll know how to identify the product ideas with high demand and manageable competition
Design Profitable Products: I'll demystify the world of digital design, even if you're starting from zero. You'll learn to use Canva like a pro, transforming my templates into sellable products in no time
Master Etsy Listings: Create high-converting Etsy listings that not only attract shoppers but turn them into customers. You'll learn everything from creating powerful listing photos to crafting persuasive descriptions
Optimise Your Shop & Marketing Strategy: From mastering Etsy SEO strategies to uncovering strategies to get traffic to your shop, you'll learn how to attract customers and keep them coming back for more
You'll never have to look to online videos again to start & grow a profitable digital product shop.
Time-saving bonuses to speed up your progress
You'll Also Get These Bonuses For Free
8 White Label Canva Templates
($25 value)
Don't have time? You will get access to 8 of our most popular templates in the library including invitation, resume, menu and weekly planner. Ready to be edited and sell in an afternoon.
Digital Product Idea Generator
($29 value)
Our easy-to-use Digital Product Idea Generator gives you over 346,000 unique product ideas with a mix of digital product types, design styles, and target customers.
Advanced Editing Tutorial
($25 value)
I go in-depth of how you can create sellable digital products that go beyond the basic designs you’ll find elsewhere, all accompanied by screenshots and real design examples.
Yes, you're getting $79 extra to grow your Etsy shop in addition to the comprehensive 5-day masterclass
Let me save you months and months of expensive trial & error
5-Day Masterclass Curriculum
Day 01
Uncovering Profitable Niches & Digital Products
  • Market research to identify opportunities on Etsy
  • Understanding your target customers
  • Discovering unmet needs of your target customers on Etsy
  • Identifying profitable niches with lower competition
Day 02
Creating Profitable Designs That Sells
  • Easy-to-follow Canva tutorial for understanding the essentials
  • Advanced Canva tutorial to create unique, sellable designs
  • Introduction to the GYC Canva template library
  • Resources for digital products & design inspirations
Day 03
Crafting High-Converting Etsy Listings
  • Learn exactly how to create clickable listing photos
  • Leveraging mockup tools to speed up your listing photo creation process
  • Follow my listing description formula to craft high converting listings
Day 04
Seamless Etsy Shop Setup & Linking Your Canva Designs To Etsy
  • Step-by-step guide to opening your Etsy shop
  • Learn how to linking your Canva designs to your Etsy shop for seamless customer experience
  • Copy my exclusive PDF template to automate sending the design to your customers
Day 05
Etsy SEO & Marketing Mastery
  • Truly understand Etsy SEO and how to optimise your Etsy shop and listings
  • Identifying long-tail keywords with high demand and low competition
  • Strategies to drive traffic from within Etsy
  • Get extra traffic from external sources
Turn my templates into sellable, profitable designs
You Can Do This In Just 5 Days
My step-by-step tutorial makes sure you won't feel confused or overwhelmed.

You'll be more confident in creating winning designs in just 5 days.
Join Masterclass for only $168 $59
"Can't I just find all these online?"
How's This 5-Day Masterclass Different?
Difference 01
From Confusion to Clarity
Say goodbye to the feeling of being overwhelmed by too much information and not knowing how to proceed. This masterclass cuts through the clutter, giving you a clear and concise process that takes you from A to Z in your Etsy digital product journey.
Difference 02
Going Beyond Over-Simplified Tutorials
You've probably seen tutorials like this: Simply spot high-demand listings using paid tools, whip up a basic design, upload it to Etsy, and earn $500/day. But we both know it's not as simple as that. In my masterclass, I offer a realistic approach, acknowledging the time and effort it takes while giving you all the knowledge and tools necessary to make your shop a success.
Difference 03
The Full Picture, Not Just Fragmented Tips & Tricks
Unlike scattered information found online, this masterclass gives you a proven, structured roadmap. I'll guide you through each step of the process, from market research and creating designs, to Etsy SEO and listing optimisation. You won't need to piece together fragmented advice anymore.
Difference 04
Up-To-Date Strategies For The Fast-Changing World
With Etsy and online world constantly changing, what worked a year or even a few months ago might not work today. That's why I'll continually update this masterclass with the latest strategies to make sure you are equipped to be successful.
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A recap of what you'll get:
5-Day Digital Product Launch Masterclass ($89 value)
8 White Label Canva Templates ($25 value)
Digital Product Idea Generator ($29 value)
Advanced Canva Tutorial ($25 value)
A total value of $168
Your Questions Answered

Is this part of GYC Etsy Academy? Can I upgrade later to access all the other courses

Although this 5-day digital product masterclass is not part of the GYC Etsy Academy, the content is highly similar to the Passive Income Playbook course in the academy. So if you are already a member of the academy, you don't need to purchase this.

If you decide to join this 5-day masterclass, you will have the option to upgrade to full access to the GYC Etsy Academy later at a discount.

Will the masterclass be the same as what I can find online for free?

Not at all. This digital product masterclass is written with the knowledge of running 3 successful digital product passive income shops.

You won’t find empty advice like “take better photos” or “focus on your SEO” in this masterclass. Not to mention the time you need to sift through the advice online to maybe find one that actually works.

Instead, I will guide you through the whole process step-by-step with real examples and screenshot. You will know exactly how to create winning digital products, find profitable niches and create listings that sell.

I don’t have any design skills? Will this still work for me?

Yes! Although some design knowledge would help, you don’t need any graphic design skills to make this work. In the masterclass, I have 2 tutorials that to take you through every step of how to make a profitable digital product - one for beginners so that you can understand the basics of Canva without feeling overwhelmed, and the second one to dive into more advanced design skills.

Also, you will get access to a selection of templates in my Canva template library. You can copy and customise the templates easily to start selling in hours.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

I completely understand your concern. I would be skeptical as well. I have been let down by other courses before so I know the feeling.

My honest answer is, although I can’t guarantee that you will have a bestselling shop in 2 weeks, what I can guarantee is that if you do all the steps and put in your effort, you will have a much clearer picture of how to build a successful business and actively work towards a successful digital product Etsy shop.

What's the format of this masterclass?

Etsy Digital Product Launch: 5-Day Masterclass is a written course with supplementary images & screenshots.

How long will I have access and do you offer refund?

You will have unlimited access to the masterclass immediately after you sign up. You can go at your own pace and take as little or as much time as you need.

Due to the nature of digital product, refunds will not be provided if you have used the product or have changed your mind. Please view this sales page carefully for the content you'll receive in GYC Etsy Academy, and feel free to reach out to me if you have any additional questions at growingyourcraft [at] gmail [dot] com

Do you want to open your own digital product Etsy shop?
If you have read this far, you probably have been thinking about opening your own shop for a while.

And you probably have spent countless hours browsing free tutorials and guides. There's a reason why you haven't opened your shop yet. Most of the free online content are filled with fluff, generic advice, and outdated information.

That's why I've created this 5-day masterclass. I've distilled everything I've learned from my 7,000 sale digital shop into a concise, easy-to-follow course.

So you can make real progress towards your dream of running a successful digital product Etsy shop without the overwhelm.