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Preview Of Etsy Product Course (6 Out Of 15 Ways Of Developing Your USP)

On Etsy where 'handmade' is not a USP, crafting a clear, compelling USP for your products can be the key to capturing your shopper’s attention and loyalty. Remember, your USP isn't just what makes you different; it's what makes you memorable and stand out.

Let’s look at 15 ways of developing a strong USP:

01 - Targeting Different Group Of Customers

If you target everyone, you are targeting no one. Focusing on a smaller group of target customers can help you satisfy their needs better. Here are some common ways to find a smaller group of customers within your niche:

Profession - e.g. planners that are made for architects that include work templates to speed up their job.

Age - e.g. young children safe jewelry, puzzle or memory game made for seniors.

Lifestyle or Hobbies - e.g. self care kit for crystal enthusiasts that include gemstone face roller, travel journal that includes travel log template and a physical pocket for passport, wallet using vegan leather.

Gender - e.g. candle with ‘manly’ scents like whiskey or leather

Education - e.g. gift box made for children starting kindergarten that includes crayons and stickers.

FreeRangeBookbinding created these journals for travelers that have pockets and envelops for documenting their trips. The cover can be customised with different maps which provides extra value to the target customers
WillowRue targets gardening or foraging enthusiats with this apron, which has extra straps and pockets to hold tools

Digital planner made for people with ADHD by FutureADHD

Earrings by SimplyByShayla made for people who love cats and books

02 - Providing Customisation & Personalisation

One of the most common and effective way to differentiate your product on Etsy. Many best selling products on Etsy provide some level of customisation.

Customisation adds value for customers. It creates a deeper connection between the customer and the product, because they have a say in how the product is made.

It also makes a great gift as customisation allows the product to be a one-of-a-kind, thoughtful gift.

There are different levels of customisations; Some are simpler like providing colour options for tote bags, and some are more complicated like a completely made-to-order cupboard with custom size, materials, finishing, etc.

Here are some common ways you can consider providing customisations for your products:

Size & Dimension

LayloPets provides different sizes for their dog beds

Colour Options

ArtsifOfficial's map wall art provides more customisation options than their competitors

Material Options

CopperFoxCompany allows you to customise their chopping board with different types of wood, as well as different sizes and shapes


CnlFinds allows monogram option for their jewelry boxes

Gift Packaging or Personal Message

Joygiftbox prints customer's message on a card to include in the order

Design Elements

MignonandMignon lets customers choose the number of birthstone and leaf charms in order to create a unique necklace


kikiyoscarves gives customers the option to add the gift box and the birth month card in order to create a thoughtful gift

Fragrance & Flavour

CozeVibeCandleStudio has a list of fragrance options for their diffusers

Photo Customisation

GiftsFromHH personalises customer photo into a music plaque

Bundling Options

Hygge gift box by kismetbyme allows you to customise the content inside and the greeting card that comes with the box

Adjustable Features

MorseandDainty showcases the adjustable closure for their bracelet with a listing video

03 - Unique Product Design

Incorporating unique design elements, using an unusual shape or colour combination, etc. can help you stand out on Etsy, and even charge a higher price. This is usually more effective if you can create a genuine story behind the product to increase the perceived value.

But create a unique design could mean higher production costs or limited scalability.

Wax candle that looks like an amethyst crystal geode by AmethystAmberCandles

KzyWoodesign stands out with its one-of-a-kind clock that uses olive tree wood and preserved moss

04 - Using Unusual Materials

Using unusual materials can help you stand out on the market with a unique aesthetic. It can also let you tell a story behind your unique choice of materials.

For example, reclaimed wood not only present a unique look, but also tell a story about sustainability. Or you can tell a story behind each book you use if you turn them into a paper sculpture.

BEELERY uses leather backed cork for this pair of green monstera earrings
Crochet rattle by BeWellGroup. Further differentiation with custom name engraving.

05 - More Use Cases

Versatility enhances a product’s value. Think about whether you can add some ingredients or functionality to create a new use case.

For example, a bar soap infused with insect-repelling ingredients can be valuable for camping enthusiasts because, in addition to cleaning, it could be placed in the camp to repel bugs.

Another example could be a scarf that can also be styled as a hood or a shawl.

A video or photo showcasing the different use case would help shoppers understand your product better, and increase the perceived value in their minds.

seedgeeks has combined a bug repellent and skin lotion into one
A teardrop necklace by PureStyleDiamond that's also an ash holder, great for customers who are looking for a more discreet way to keep their loved ones close

06 - Different Use Case

Similarly, presenting your product in a different use case can get shoppers’ attention. For example, a candle jar that comes with a seeds and a soil pallet, so that the candle jar can double as a planter.

MaggiesFarmAromatics created these shower steamers that taps into a new use case, targeting customers who look for a spa-like aromatherapy experience without needing a bathtub.
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